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To coincide with its European market launch, Volkswagen’s new Tiguan’s plug-in hybrid drives (eHybrid) (earlier post) are now available with two outputs. Tiguan models with efficient 48 V mild hybrid drives (eTSI) and turbodiesel engines (TDI) have been available since 2023 September.


The plug-in hybrid drives of the Tiguan have been completely newly designed by Volkswagen and deliver a system power of 150 kW (204 PS) and 200 kW (272 PS). With a battery that now offers a capacity of 19.7 kWh (net), the electric range of up to approximately 120 km has practically doubled compared with the predecessor.

With the combination of an 85 kW electric drive motor and the new 1.5-liter TSI engine (110 kW or 130 kW), the hybrid model is also impressive on long journeys with low consumption values and combined ranges of more than 900 km. The battery of both models can be charged with up to 11 kW (previously 3.6 kW) at a domestic socket or wall box and with up to 50 kW) at DC quick-charging stations when out and about.

Tiguan prices start from €36,600 euros. The new Tiguan is available as an eTSI variant with 96 kW from €36,600 euros. The Tiguan eHybrid with 150 kW plug-in hybrid drive can be configured at prices from €48,655. Standard in all models is an automatic gearbox (DSG). The most powerful towing vehicle is the 142 kW Tiguan TDI 4Motion. With its all-wheel drive system, it has a towing capacity of up to 2,300 kg. This is available from €49,055.


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