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Autoflight makes first inter-city electric air-taxi demo flight; Shenzhen to Zhuhai

AutoFlight, an eVTOL (electric vertical take-off and landing) company, has flown the first inter-city electric air-taxi demonstration flight between the southern Chinese cities of Shenzhen and Zhuhai. AutoFlight’s five-seater Prosperity eVTOL aircraft autonomously flew the 50km (31 miles) route from Shenzhen to Zhuhai. The flight from Shenzhen to Zhuhai across the Pearl River Delta took just 20 minutes, a journey that would require three hours by car.

This marks the first public flight of an eVTOL aircraft on a cross-sea and inter-city route, spanning across the bay where the Pearl River meets the sea, connecting the two southern Chinese cities.

Map of flight route

The route between Shenzhen and Zhuhai is part of the future air traffic scenario planned by the regional government as it develops its “low-altitude economy” strategy that will see the opening of thousands of vertiports and hundreds of eVTOL airs routes across the Greater Bay Area in southern China. Low-altitude application scenarios will include passenger transport, tourism, logistics and emergency services. In the short term, plans are in development to achieve 300,000 cargo UAV flights in this region per year.

AutoFlight’s partner in the region Heli-Eastern—a low-altitude general aviation carrier and helicopter service provider—recently entered an agreement with AutoFlight to purchase 100 Prosperity passenger eVTOL aircraft. The aircraft will be used on routes such as the one demonstrated by AutoFlight, from Shekou Ferry Port in Shenzhen to the Jiuzhou Ferry Port in Zhuhai, as well as from other transportation hubs in the region.

The demonstration flight took place in one of the world’s most densely populated areas, home to around 86 million people, and in an airspace that borders multiple international airports, including Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Macau. The flight showcased AutoFlight’s aviation technology in a highly complex environment, and its dedication to safety and regulatory compliance in pushing the boundaries of urban air mobility.

The demonstration flight was uncrewed and fully autonomous, with certification for crewed passenger flights anticipated within approximately two years. Referred to as air-taxis, eVTOLs do not require traditional airports or runways. Similar to helicopters, they take off vertically and transition into fixed-wing flight mode in the air, cruising at high speeds like traditional large aircraft. The aircraft delivers an electric-powered, safe, comfortable, sustainable and affordable performance at significantly lower noise levels than traditional aircraft.

Prosperity 1  Gen 4  flight

Prosperity was designed by Frank Stephenson, the designer who revolutionized the Mini and the Fiat 500, and created iconic designs for Ferrari, McLaren and Maserati, among many others, before turning his talents to the skies and the realm of flying taxis.



Specs here:


They really need this around Seattle


65Db for hovering sounds looks pretty good.
I am not sure what the distances are to assess that though?


And in the 'I'll believe it when I see it' category comes this dream from Lyte:

Jumping straight to 40 seats and using a primarily fuel cell design for high power draw VTOL?
I reckon the supposed pre-orders are $1 down and we can walk away anytime jobs.


Dreaming of getting from JFK to midtown in 15min vs 2.5 hours by uber or taxi.

Seattle to Tacoma or Everett in 25min...not 2 hours.

LAX to anywhere in the LA basin in 20 min above the grid lock...that alone is worth a $200 ride to anywhere.


There was going to be a VTOL ride service in the Olympic games from a base in Paris this summer, but it looks as though they won't get authorisation, being judged too noisy, energy wasteful and elitist as well as a security rick, although they might be flying in some other regions of France, or even over the capital from bases outside it(Fr):

It is, so to speak, all up in the air!

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