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Asahi Kasei Microdevices Corporation (AKM) has started mass production of the CZ39 series of coreless current sensors for automotive applications. The CZ39 device family is well-suited to electric vehicle (EV) applications due to its 100ns response time, low heat generation, and noise immunity. These properties are highly compatible with the silicon carbide- (SiC) and gallium nitride- (GaN) based power devices favored by OEMs for their reduced form factor and high efficiency.

As such, the CZ39 series allows for the implementation of substantially smaller, lighter, and more accurate on-board charging systems for EVs.

The CZ39 series features a high-sensitivity compound Hall element that enables a response time of 100ns, making it possible for current measurements to keep up with the high switching speed of SiC- and GaN-based power solutions. This allows OEMs to take advantage of those devices’ smaller size and thus reduce the weight of on-board charging systems in order to extend cruising range.


The CZ39 series’ ability to signal the system quickly to interrupt current flow during an overcurrent condition also makes for a robust electronic fuse(e-fuse) implementation.

Reduced heat generation. AKM has developed a unique package for the CZ39 series that achieves a primary conductor resistance of only 0.3mΩ. Even under continuous 40Arms current flow at an ambient temperature of 125 ºC, heat generation is minimal, greatly reducing the need for bulky thermal management measures. Additionally, the structure of the package provides sufficient creepage and clearance distances for use in applications above 650V.

Enhanced noise immunity. The combination of high voltage and high-speed switching in SiC- and GaN-based systems presents a challenge with respect to electrical noise mitigation. The CZ39 family is exceptionally resilient to such conditions, ensuring continuous, high-accuracy current detection even in noisy environments.

Evolution of Asahi Kasei's Current Sensors

AKM, a Japan-based company, operates an electronic components business as a member of the Asahi Kasei Group’s Material sector. AKM provides customers with unique products by combining the compound semiconductor technology used in magnetic sensors with the ASIC/analog circuit technology used in silicon semiconductors. AKM’s unique products and solutions are featured across a wide range of markets, including mobile communication devices and consumer products, as well as automotive electronics devices, household equipment, and industrial equipment.


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