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California E85 sales record in 2023

Sales of E85 fuel in California reached an all-time high of 103,521,770 118,473,719 gallons in 2023 according to data released by the California Air Resources Board (CARB). This marks a 14.4% increase from the 2022 level of 103,521,770 gallons.


California is the only state in the US where E15—a blend made with 15% bioethanol that is approved by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for use in all vehicles made in model year 2001 and newer—is not approved for sale. Still, fuel retailers in the state have taken steps to sell more E85 to California drivers, including through the use of funds awarded through the Higher Blends Infrastructure Incentive Program (HBIIP), a federal infrastructure grant program that helps fuel retailers offer higher biofuel blends, and that continues through most of this year.

California had 52 fuel stations apply for HBIIP funding in round one, and 25 apply in round two.


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