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Cummins diesel-hybrid mining truck begins field testing in China

Cummins Inc. has commissioned a diesel-hybrid mining truck in partnership with one of China’s leading rigid mining truck manufacturers, North Hauler Joint Stock Co., Ltd. (NHL). The hybrid NHL NTH260, a 220 metric ton payload mining truck, rolled off the production line in January and is headed to Baiyun Iron Mine of Baogang Group, China, to begin field testing in March.


Cummins’ optimized hybrid system allows the truck engine to be downsized from the 2,500 hp QSK60 used in the NTE260 to the current 2,000 hp two-stage QSK50. The QSK50 is compliant with EPA Tier 4 and EU Stage V emissions regulations.


Cummins QSK50

The truck is expected to provide a leading total cost of ownership based on initial cost advantages, fuel efficiency and extended service life of the engine. Improved fuel efficiency directly correlates to emissions and GHG reduction. Advanced hybrids have the potential to improve fuel efficiency up to 30% dependent on the mine profile and advanced battery technology and controls integration.

NHL produces trucks with payload range from 35 to 360 metric tons, with Cummins as the standard engine configuration.



Hybridisation seems the best way to save fuel for cars and trucks and battery power can be enhanced as batteries become more economic and powerful but fuel and pollution can be saved from day one.

Thomas Pedersen

I imagine the batteries in this hybrid hauler will save 10-100 times as much CO2 per kg battery per year as regular BEVs.

PS. I am a happy BEV owner myself. I will say though, if it wasn't for the often quite compromised trunk capacity, I would prefer the new generation of PHEVs with about 100 km battery range, 11kW AC and 50kW DC charging capabilities. (actually, the DC charging doesn't matter, because DC power is often more expensive per mile than gasoline!)

The new Passat plug-in is interesting. The Cd has dropped from 0.31 to 0.25, correspondingly dropping the power demand to drive 100 mph, which is the highest speed you would reasonably drive.

I'd like to see someone brave enough to make a optimized Atkins with 2-cyl, 80 hp with strong e-motor and 25 kWh battery. Maybe even put a diesel in there, because the ICE will only be operational outside city limits anyway. With an efficient diesel, range can be maintained with a much smaller fuel tank, so batteries can be put below the rear bench and the fuel tank can occupy whatever space is left over beneath the trunk.

A smaller ICE requires less cooling, which allows for even further drag reduction.

Such a E-heavy PHEV obviously needs a serviceable battery.

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