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AB Dynamics Group acquires VTS; dynamometer testing services focusing on the development and deployment of EVs

AB Dynamics plc has acquired Venshure Test Services (VTS), a leading provider of dynamometer-based testing services to the automotive sector in the US that is focused on the development and deployment of electric vehicles (EVs).

Headquartered in Chelsea, Michigan, VTS offers a full range of testing services including mileage accumulation and assessment of EV powertrain and battery performance across a range of extreme climatic conditions.


VTS’ Vehicle Test Lab dyno hall

The business comprises a 23,300 ft2 testing facility located close to the Detroit area and includes dynamometers and EV vehicle testing laboratories. The vehicle testing laboratories provide standardized procedures to validate EV battery energy consumption and range testing, producing SAE J1634 quality data.

AB Dynamics is an automotive test system supplier with a diverse range of track and laboratory testing equipment and services. From suspension and steering development machines to driving robots and ADAS targets and platforms, AB Dynamics supplies all of the world’s most successful vehicle manufacturers.


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