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ClearMotion, the Boston-based specialist in the development of innovative chassis systems, and Porsche AG signed an agreement to collaborate in the field of advanced chassis systems. The object of the agreement is to increase the high performance of the already very agile and dynamic chassis in Porsche models.

Under this agreement, Porsche and ClearMotion will collaborate on both ClearMotion1, a high-bandwidth active suspension technology, and RoadMotion, a road surface fingerprinting software for proactive chassis control. In addition, Porsche and ClearMotion signed a license agreement.

The core of the ClearMotion1 system is the Activalve, a software-centric electrohydraulic device that resides at each corner of the vehicle, constantly monitoring, processing, and responding to road conditions.


Each Activalve consists of three advanced components working together. When the controller detects a disturbance, the Activalve is instructed to counteract by exacting pressure in the actuator body.

The Activalve is designed as part of the Full Active Actuator. The Activalve can be rotated or translated about the actuator axis and clocked to achieve fitment on the vehicle platform.

Using ClearMotion1 (CM1) or from a variety of sensors equipped on modern road cars, RoadMotion performs digital signal processing to surface insights that help the car make the right decision at the right time. When used with CM1, RoadMotion provides a signal to the CM1 controller of the lane ahead. Surface contours are mapped and paired with precise location more accurate than GPS. This high-fidelity road surface data enables CM1 to operate proactively.

The planned collaboration is intended to lay the groundwork for evaluating an even closer cooperation with Clear Motion in the future.

—Ingo Albers, Vice President Drive System at Porsche

Going forward, the use of jointly developed technologies for models made by other brands within the Volkswagen Group might also be a possibility.


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