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Stellantis N.V. launched the production of electrified dual-clutch transmissions (eDCTs) at its historic Mirafiori complex in Italy, the next step in a €240-million investment in the site and for the Italian automotive industry to create the Mirafiori Automotive Park 2030.

The eDCT produced in Mirafiori incorporates a 21 kW electric motor into a dual-clutch transmission. The motor delivers electric propulsion in low-torque scenarios, such as city driving or cruising, allowing the internal combustion engine to remain off 50% of the time on the urban cycle. When more torque is needed, the internal combustion engine engages.


Stellantis CEO Carlos Tavares also announced an additional €100-million investment to boost the potential of the iconic Fiat 500e. Mirafiori Automotive Park 2030 is the physical embodiment of Stellantis’ vision of transforming into a sustainable mobility tech company. The site, one of three primary global hubs for Stellantis, has operations that include the entire automotive cycle from design to recycling.

Mirafiori is also part of the grEEn-campus transformation program underway at Stellantis and will help save 36,000 tonnes of CO2 equivalent emissions.

Mirafiori Automotive Park 2030 is the next chapter in the site’s 80-year history. Today it is the production location for the Abarth 500e, Fiat 500e, Maserati GranTurismo, and Maserati GranCabrio; more than 90% of the vehicles built there are exported, contributing to Italy’s trade balance.

In 2023, FIAT increased its global sales volume by 12%, registering a total of 1.35 million units sold worldwide and confirming it as the leading Stellantis brand in terms of sales volume.

The brand is leading in four markets with a share of 21.8% in Brazil, 12.8% in Italy, 15.7% in Turkey and 78.6% in Algeria. FIAT is the leader in the A-segment in Europe with a 42% market share and the newly announced investment in the 500e aims to strengthen the model’s leadership by offering a more enhanced customer experience with a more affordable option featuring an all-new battery and electric engine.

Along with the onsite vehicle production for FIAT and Maserati brands, the Mirafiori Automotive Park 2030 includes:

  • Transmission/Gearbox Production: In addition to the existing production of the C514 manual gearbox for the Fiat Panda built in Pomigliano, Italy, the eTransmissions Assembly joint venture launched eDCT production for Stellantis-brand hybrid powertrains in less than two years. The site will produce up to 600,000 eDCTs per year, in parallel to the production at Metz, France.

  • Battery Technology Center: The €40-million center enhances Stellantis’ capabilities to design, develop and test battery packs, modules, high-voltage cells and software that will power upcoming Stellantis brand vehicles. The center is among the largest in the European automotive industry.

  • <SUSTAINera Circular Economy Hub: This initiative is aimed at sustainable manufacturing and consumption models. Activities include vehicle reconditioning, vehicle dismantling, and parts remanufacturing, with plans for global expansion. Stellantis aims to quadruple extended life revenues for parts and services and multiply recycling revenues by 10 times by 2030 compared to 2021.

  • Upcoming grEEn-campus: A carbon-neutral and collaborative workplace transformation program that aims to strengthen the roots of Stellantis’ automotive design, Tech and central functions through innovative, sustainable, and collaborative designs.

Stellantis is investing more than €50 billion worldwide in electrification over the decade to deliver on the Dare Forward 2030 targets of reaching a 100% passenger car battery electric vehicle (BEV) sales mix in Europe and 50% passenger car and light-duty truck BEV sales mix in the United States by 2030.



Anyone remember the Fiat131 Mirafiori (late '70s, early 80s)


Don’t recall the Fiat 131 Mirafiori (I did own a Fiat 850 Sport Coupe which was a rear engine 5 speed vehicle that fulfilled my “Ferrari dreams”). The Fiat 131 followed the iconic 124 series and was very successful as an Abarth Rally car.
The 1960’s were peak Fiat (Gianni Agnelli became president of Fiat in 1966) and established the marque throughout the world.
A good read on the Fiat 131 Mirafiori:

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