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MAHLE wins two major orders worth just under €1.5B for thermal management modules

MAHLE has secured two major orders for thermal management modules and is thus successfully continuing its course of acquisition in the field of e-mobility.

One of the contracts is from an established, globally-present vehicle manufacturer. It marks the largest single order in the company history of the technology group. The second order is from an up-and-coming, innovative car manufacturer in the Asian region. The total order volume across both projects is just under €1.5 billion.

MAHLE is combining components that were previously installed individually into thermal management modules which control the temperature of the battery, vehicle cabin, powertrain and power electronics. The modules work much more efficiently than their individual components, and can significantly increase the cruising range of an electric car by up to 20% as well as its charging speed.


The modular design approach from MAHLE enables smaller installation spaces and reduces assembly expenditures. In this way, thermal management modules play a key role in e-mobility, by helping to make vehicles attractive and affordable.

In both modules, MAHLE has combined its individual components such as the electric compressor, heat exchanger, refrigerant valves and other parts into one unit, and has impressed customers with the respective concepts. One of the modules is particularly highly-integrated, as it connects the refrigerant circuit with the coolant circuits. This ensures that the battery, powertrain and vehicle cabin are both supplied with sufficient heat in winter as well as kept optimally-cool in summer.

Both thermal management modules were developed by an international team comprising regional research units and the MAHLE Tech Center in Stuttgart.

Heating and cooling in vehicles is an essential technology field for electrification and a core business competency of MAHLE. The sales potential for thermal management in e-cars is three times higher than for combustion engine vehicles, the company said. The market for these technologies is growing significantly thanks to e-mobility.

From a global market volume of around €35 billion for thermal management products in 2021, MAHLE expects this market volume to reach more than €50 billion by 2030. The Group intends to participate disproportionately in this growth.

The company recently presented a new bionic cooling plate which, thanks to its innovative design, delivers 10% greater cooling capacity than conventional concepts.


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