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The GSM electric taxi service has served more than 50 million customers in its first year of operation in Vietnam. The company has also expanded its services to many provinces and cities across Vietnam.

Green and Smart Mobility Joint Stock Company (GSM) officially launched the GSM pure electric taxi service in Hanoi on 14 April 2023. This marked the first time in Vietnam that a complex transportation model using 100% VinFast electric cars and motorbikes was introduced. (GSM was founded by Pham Nhat Vuong, the Chairman of Vingroup; Vuong holds a 95% stake in GSM.)

In its first year, GSM has achieved remarkable growth, launching new services, expanding to numerous provinces and cities, and even entering its first international market. The company now provides a comprehensive suite of electric mobility solutions, including electric motorbike transportation and delivery services, all-inclusive electric car transportation packages tailored to customer needs, and electric car rentals with or without drivers.

The most recent innovation, the Xanh SM Platform, connects VinFast electric car owners nationwide, allowing them to offer rides and share revenue.

Furthermore, GSM has established a robust presence across Vietnam, expanding to 36 provinces and cities. Through partnerships with more than 30 businesses, it has played a key role in converting fleets and promoting the operation of electric car transportation services throughout the country.

GSM’s fleet of VinFast electric cars has traveled more than 300 million kilometers in the past year, entirely on electric power. GSM’s commitment to sustainability extends beyond its core business. The company has also contributed nearly 30 billion VND (approx US$1.2 million) to Vingroup’s For Green Future Foundation, supporting environmental initiatives throughout Vietnam.

By the end of Q4/2023, GSM had achieved a strong second-place position in Vietnam’s ride-hailing market, capturing 18.17% market share and surpassing many established brands.

Laos became its first overseas market; GSM plans to be operational in 9 countries by 2025.


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