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Honda unveiled the烨 (yè) Series, an all-new EV series Honda will introduce to the Chinese market, including the world premiere of the first set of the Ye Series models—烨 (yè) P7 and 烨 (yè) S7, as well as the concept model for the second set of series models, the 烨 (yè) GT CONCEPT.

Honda is planning to launch a total of six the Ye Series models in China by 2027.

The three models will be exhibited at the 18th Beijing International Automotive Exhibition (Auto China 2024) to be held later this month in Beijing, China.



Honda is currently offering the e:N Series EV models in China, where electrification of automobile products is in progress; the all-new Ye Series models will be a new addition to the lineup. The new series was named with the Chinese letter “烨” which means “shine brilliantly”.

As next-generation EVs, the Ye Series models are being developed in pursuit of more value for customers. In addition to human-centric packaging based on the M/M (Man Maximum, Machine Minimum) concept, which is the foundation of Honda car design, the Ye Series models feature driving performance that further refines the “joy of driving” by applying a newly developed dedicated EV platform developed in China and integrating it with electrification technologies Honda has amassed over many years.

As for application of intelligence technologies, including offering of an AI-powered assistant, the Ye Series models are being developed with the aim to create a “space” where all occupants can enjoy comfortable mobility.

The Ye P7 and the Ye S7, the first set of Ye Series models, were developed based on the newly developed dedicated EV platform and will be available in two variations—a one-motor rear-wheel drive model and a two-motor four-wheel drive model. The rear-wheel drive variation was designed to offer sporty and crisp handling, and the four-wheel drive variation was designed to offer both high power and highly responsive handling to realize driving at the will of the driver.

The all-new Ye P7 and Ye S7 models are scheduled to go on sale at the end of 2024.

The Ye GT CONCEPT is a concept model developed with the aim of creating a model that represents Honda EVs in China. In keeping with the “low & wide” silhouette that pertains to its GT (Grand Tourer) name, the driver’s seat is designed to immerse the driver in the driving experience, much like a race driver. Moreover, the dynamic performance has been thoroughly refined to provide the ultimate driving experience in which the driver enjoys a sense of unity with the vehicle.

For the front seat passenger, a far-focus display that provides a sense of depth and experience as if viewing a large screen, will be adopted for the first time for Honda automobile products, offering an immersive space similar to a private theater.

As the second set of the Ye Series models, production models based on the Ye GT CONCEPT are scheduled to go on sale before the end of 2025.


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