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GILLIG expands zero-emission lineup with introduction of BAE Systems & Ballard-powered hydrogen fuel cell electric bus

GILLIG, a leading manufacturer of heavy-duty transit buses in the United States, will be expanding its transit bus portfolio with a hydrogen fuel cell powered bus, to be developed in collaboration with BAE Systems and Ballard Power Systems.

The GILLIG hydrogen fuel cell bus, which is currently in development, will provide transit agencies with exceptional, zero-emission operational range, rapid refueling capabilities, and reliable performance in diverse climates and terrains. As agencies evaluate their options for the future, this new offering broadens the horizon for those considering hydrogen as a zero-emission solution.

Understanding the unique operational challenges faced by each transit agency—from varying duty cycles and geographic terrains to diverse climates and depot locations—is fundamental to our vision of improving quality of life through transformative mass transit solutions. Introducing the hydrogen fuel cell bus into our product lineup signifies GILLIG’s commitment to advancing sustainable public transportation technologies. It’s about offering a solution that’s not only flexible enough to fit every fleet but also matured through our thoughtful approach to product development, ensuring reliability and readiness for the demands of today’s transit environment.

By integrating Ballard’s state-of-the-art fuel cell technology and BAE Systems’ versatile electric powertrain with GILLIG’s trusted Low Floor Platform, we are creating a long-range, zero-emission solution that does not compromise on safety, efficiency, or quality that transit agencies have come to expect from GILLIG.

—Benjamin Grunat, GILLIG’s Vice President of Product Planning and Strategy


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