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Moscow has been investing heavily in replacing outdated trains with modern models. Since 2011, the share of updated rolling stock in the entire Central Transport Hub has increased almost 15-fold, from 5% to 71%. The average age of the rolling stock has decreased by a factor of 3, from 24 to 8 years. The share of intra-city trips by rail has almost doubled.

Now, the Ivolga 4.0 electric train made its inaugural run on the Line D4 of the Moscow Central Diameters (MCD)—a system of city train services on existing commuter rail lines in Moscow and Moscow Oblast.


The train’s production involved the collaboration of approximately 50,000 employees from 600 enterprises across Russia. It highlights Moscow’s role as a major driving force in the country’s transportation engineering sector—the city accounts for 75% of all transport machine-building orders in Russia.

According to Maksim Liksutov, Deputy Mayor of Moscow for Transport, without these orders spanning three to five years, Russia’s transportation engineering sector would not have reached its current level of development.

The Ivolga 4.0 has a localization level of 97% and represents a significant upgrade from its predecessor. Manufactured at the Tver Carriage Works (part of Transmashholding, or TMH), the train features several key enhancements, including a third door in intermediate carriages to accelerate passenger flow by up to 30% and increased capacity. The Ivolga 4.0 accommodates nearly 100 more passengers, with a total capacity of 2,533 in an 11-car configuration. This is achieved through the addition of nine extra doors, creating more free space.

The development of the MCD is a top priority for the city. This year, we will introduce 53 modern trains on the new diameters. By the end of 2024, we plan to update the rolling stock on long-distance commuter routes on the Line D3. And on D4, we will complete the replacement of trains by the end of 2025. The new Ivolgas will make travel even more comfortable. The production of these trains not only improves the city’s transportation system but also contributes to the development of the domestic machine-building industry.

—Maksim Liksutov


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