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DOE awards $5M to Avium to develop high-performing electrolyzer stacks

Avium, an alkaline electrolysis company supported by Tallgrass, is receiving a three-year, $5-million award from the Department of Energy (DOE). The DOE funding will accelerate the commercialization of robust and reliable alkaline electrolyzers by combining Avium’s proven low-cost, high-efficiency catalysts with stacks designed to handle Avium’s higher hydrogen production rates.

Avium’s catalysts and coatings allow alkaline water electrolyzers to outperform other hydrogen production technologies over the long run by regenerating catalysts in the field to maintain high performance over an extended stack lifetime and by enabling direct connection to variable renewable resources.

The award will significantly improve the cost-effectiveness of green hydrogen production and will allow alkaline electrolyzers to meet or exceed the DOE performance goal of 2 A/cm2 at ≤1.7 V.

Avium will collaborate with US-based Teledyne Energy Systems, whose proven Titan HMXT Alkaline Water Electrolyzer will be a test bed for this project. Other Avium collaborators on this project are the University of Kansas, Dwayne Peaslee Technical Training Center, and Urban TEC.


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