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New shipyard for the production of electric vessels to open in Moscow

At the end of 2024, a shipbuilding cluster for the production of electric river transport vessels (earlier post) will open in Nagatinsky Zaton District in Moscow. No such facilities have been built in Russia in recent years.

The history of Moscow shipbuilding is almost 90 years old. In 1936, a shipyard appeared in Nagatinsky Zaton District. A workers’ settlement and educational institutions for training specialists grew up around it. In 2014, the plant was closed, as it was hopelessly outdated. However, today Moscow is reviving a whole specialized cluster.


Localization of production in Moscow will ensure technological independence and accelerate the development of environmentally friendly transport. The new shipyard will produce and service unique electric vessels for the regular and recreational fleet. In the future, plans include cruise ships.

Full-cycle production will be organized with a design office. More than 70 percent of the equipment will be domestically produced. With the opening of the shipyard the city will gain more than 500 jobs. In general, almost 50 thousand people from different regions of Russia will be involved in the production chain.

The shipyard will build about 40 new electric ships for Moscow. The city will expand the network of river routes. Passengers will be transported by water transport that has no analogues in terms of comfort and equipment. The full-cycle production will be designed to build up to 20 electric vessels and maintain up to 100 units of river transportation per year.

The innovative full-cycle production facility will allow for 100 percent renewal of the fleet on Moscow’s recreational routes. In the future, modern cruise ships with a length of 90 meters will be created here. This will make the trips more comfortable and also protect the river ecology. With the launch of new routes and increase in the number of vehicles, practically the entire water area of the Moscow River will become navigable.

—Maksim Liksutov, Deputy Mayor of Moscow for Transport



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