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Motiv completes delivery of additional 55 electric trucks to Purolator in Canada

Motiv, a manufacturer of class 4-6 electric trucks and buses, has fully completed the delivery of 55 Motiv electric trucks to Purolator, a leading integrated freight, package, and logistics solutions provider. Purolator ordered the additional vehicles last year following a successful pilot of five Motiv electric trucks in 2021.


The new trucks bring Purolator’s total Motiv truck count to 60, which have been deployed to daily routes across Canada in Richmond, BC; Québec City, QC; Montréal, QC; and Vancouver, BC.

Purolator's first five Motiv electric trucks delivered in 2021 have completed tens of thousands of miles of deliveries while reducing tailpipe Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions, helping Purolator move toward its 2030 goal of vehicle electrification and reduced GHG emissions.

A Motiv support team member was stationed at Purolator’s hub in British Columbia for its pilot, and the company is expanding its support operations across Canada as Purolator adds more Motiv electric trucks to the road.

Purolator recently announced it expects to invest approximately $1 billion to electrify 60% of their last-mile fleet in Canada over the next seven years. This includes a plan to purchase approximately 3,500 fully electric trucks and to electrify more than 60 terminals across Canada.


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