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Geotab report finds number of EV commercial vehicles in the US increased by 81% in 2023

Geotab, a global transportation telematics provider to more than 50,000 customers in 160 countries, released “In the Driver’s Seat: Accelerating ROI Through Data Driven Insights,” its second commercial transportation report. Expanded to a global report, this edition offers insights into the evolving landscape of the commercial transportation sector.

Among the report findings:

  • An 81% increase in EV adoption among US commercial fleets YOY, a rate that is still well behind more aggressive adopters, such as Mexico, South Africa and Brazil.

  • Strongest EV growth was in South Africa (796%); Peru (289%); and Mexico (248%) indicating strong momentum toward EV adoption in these regions.

  • US fleets reduced their idling times YOY by 3.75% due to sustainability measures, in contrast to other major markets. Canada reduced idling time by 5.73%. Germany, the United Kingdom, and Mexico experienced a rise in idling time over the same period, indicating an opportunity to further optimize sustainability operations.

  • Sustainable fleet strategies can drive significant cost savings, at a time when fuel represents approximately 60% of total fleet operating costs.

  • Fleets using proactive safety features through Geotab saw a 40% reduction in collision rates globally.

The report pulls in data from more than 4 million connected commercial vehicles in North America, Europe, South America and beyond to examine EV adoption rates, as well as the growth of AI in transportation, vehicle acquisition trends, the use og data intelligence to enhance safety and power predictive maintenance, and the growing business case for fleet sustainability measures.



Hybrid and electric commercial delivery vehicles make a lot of economic sense should have been done long ago.

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