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AFC Energy partners with Illuming for scaled manufacture of fuel cell plates and stacks

AFC Energy, a leading provider of hydrogen power generation technologies, appointed North America’s Illuming Power as the first scaled manufacturer of fuel cell plates and stacks for AFC’s S Series air-cooled platform.

Under a multi-year program, Illuming, through its international network, will deliver completed and commissioned S Series fuel cell plates and stacks for installation into H-Power Generator modules.

In March, AFC Energy announced that the S Series fuel cell achieves a 16% reduction in hydrogen fuel consumption from the 2024 30kW H-Power Generator versus the 2023 H-Power Tower.

Illuming is currently delivering high-quality fuel cell plate components to AFC Energy’s design and specification utilizing the latest low cost production techniques.

Illuming, and its partners, have the ability to meet all air cooled stack

Orders for completed S Series stacks have already been placed with Illuming based on recent qualification of components and evidence of production quality.

More than 140 million kilometers have been driven on Illuming fuel cell stacks in the global automotive sector.



Standardizing fuel cell components is smart you get economies where you don't have them now.

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