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Cadillac revealed the new 2025 OPTIQ, as its new EV entry point model. OPTIQ join the growing Cadillac EV lineup, which also includes LYRIQ, ESCALADE IQ, CELESTIQ and next year, VISTIQ. Building on the momentum of LYRIQ, OPTIQ will launch with several segment-leading features.


OPTIQ will have a global footprint, selling in over 10 regions, including Europe, where it made its debut.

OPTIQ will launch in standard dual motor all-wheel drive form, contributing to a fun and athletic drive experience. The 6-inch shorter wheelbase (compared to Cadillac LYRIQ) results in a more agile architecture.

OPTIQ’s aerodynamic performance enables its Cadillac-estimated 300-mile driving range. DC fast charging can add up to 79 miles of range in about 10 minutes.

The Ultium Platform and drive units, along with the use of low rolling resistance tires, also play an important role in the range of the vehicle. A vented rear spoiler, diffusers and other sculptural elements enhance aerodynamics at the rear of the vehicle without compromising the SUV vehicle design.

OPTIQ includes an 85-kilowatt-hour battery pack (NCMA cathode, blended graphite anode) with a standard dual motor all-wheel drive propulsion system (permanent magnet front; induction rear) that offers a Cadillac-estimated 300 horsepower and 354 lb-ft of torque.

OPTIQ offers Regen On Demand, a driver-controlled braking feature that allows the driver to slow down or stop the OPTIQ with a dedicated, pressure-sensitive paddle located on the steering wheel.

One-Pedal Driving allows the driver to slow down and stop the vehicle using only the accelerator under most driving conditions. The system also converts kinetic energy from the OPTIQ’s forward momentum into electricity, which is stored in the battery pack for future use.

A Dual-Level Charge Cord allows the driver to plug into an appliance-style four-pronged outlet (professional installation required) or a standard three-pronged outlet.

OPTIQ gives drivers the opportunity to switch between several Drive Modes, including Tour used for everyday driving, Sport for enhanced road driving and improved steering, Snow/Ice to prevent wheel spin and My Mode which personalizes the driving experience with adjustable braking responsiveness and steering feel.

Production of OPTIQ will begin late this fall.



In crossover utility vehicles Cadillac as the XT4,5 and 6
so it makes sense that they would offer electric in small medium and large.

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