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Factorial delivers B-samples of Lithium-metal solid-state battery cells to Mercedes-Benz

Factorial delivered B-samples of its 106+Ah lithium-metal solid-state battery cells to Mercedes-Benz as part of their ongoing joint development agreement. This milestone marks the first announced B-sample shipment of solid-state battery cells to a global automotive OEM, showcasing progress toward product maturity and the series production of passenger EVs equipped with Factorial’s solid-state battery technology.

Factorial has manufactured thousands of large-format solid-state batteries and shipped more than 1,000 100+Ah solid-state battery cells to Mercedes-Benz as part of the A-sample phase, highlighting its capacity to produce high volumes of advanced battery cells.

The B-samples will be integrated into modules and battery packs for extensive testing and optimization. This phase involves validating the module and pack designs against Mercedes-Benz’s strict performance specifications. Additionally, this step will confirm the robustness of Factorial’s supply chain and its manufacturing processes, ensuring scalability for future vehicle testing.

FEST combines a lithium-metal anode, quasi-solid electrolyte technology, and a high-capacity cathode, enabling a high energy density of 391Wh/kg.

Factorial’s batteries are manufactured using existing equipment from lithium-ion battery production, requiring minimal modifications. This approach can streamline the manufacturing validation process and significantly reduce long-term operating costs.

In addition to Mercedes-Benz, Factorial has joint development agreements with Stellantis and Hyundai Motor Company and Kia Corporation.



This is significant when you consider that vw's investment in quantumscape has been going on for about a decade and nothing's in production

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