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Hydrogen Vehicle Systems (HVS) secures deal to supply 30 fuel cell trucks to Explore Plant & Transport Solutions

Hydrogen Vehicle Systems (HVS), the UK’s first Hydrogen Fuel Cell truck OEM, signed a Partnership Agreement with Explore Plant & Transport Solutions (Explore) to supply 30 HVS hydrogen electric tractor units for the company’s fleet.


The vehicles will be supported by a service and maintenance plan, full training on the safe use of hydrogen, refueling and driver training, and a hydrogen fueling infrastructure that fully meets the needs of their operation.

Founded in 2015, Explore is a specialist supplier of transport and plant hire services to a diverse range of industry sectors including aerospace, construction, rail and nuclear, and is one of the fastest growing haulage and plant hire businesses in the UK.

The HVS powertrain solution was designed as a native Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle (FCEV) from the ground up. Based on HVS’ sales projections, by 2030 the new UK fleet of hydrogen HGVs displacing diesel vehicles could prevent more CO2 and noxious air emissions than the reported annual emissions of Heathrow airport.



Here are plans in the UK for truck hydrogen infrastructure:


' Skipton-based Element 2 has been building its business plan since 2019 and in the next few months will move to the operational phase with four sites underway, followed by 30 further locations either earmarked or under construction by the end of the year.

“Then we should be able to say to fleet operators that we have a national network with about 100 miles between stops, which in a vehicle with a range of between 300 and 400 miles isn't a problem logistically,” said Brendan Bilton, chief technology officer at Element 2.

“The important detail is that our refuelling equipment is compatible with car fuel cells, so we will be ready when fuel-cell cars come to the market. But recently we’ve adjusted our forecasts and brought forward demand from light commercials ahead of private cars."

They give the cost at £15/kg including 20% VAT, which is considerably lower than in the US.
For comparison, diesel costs around £6.80/gallon (Imp) in the UK including hefty taxes, so there is still quite a price differential.

The roll out of trucking hydrogen across Europe is also scheduled at a similar or faster rate.


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