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Presented in sketch form last October in Boulogne Billancourt, the H24EVO is on display in the Hydrogen Village at the 24 Hours of Le Mans. Pierre Fillon and Jean-Michel Bouresche, co-presidents of MissionH24 and partners in the program, revealed the model of the brand-new electric hydrogen prototype.



Credit : Alexis Goure ACO

Supported by its partners, TotalEnergies, Symbio, Michelin, OPmobility, Dietsmann and Richard Mille, the H24EVO is made up of components designed for performance and competition. Fuel cell and even Symbio fuel cell system, OPmobility tanks, engine, Michelin tires adapted to the hydrogen technology: everything has been optimized and designed to perform with the H24EVO, powered by hydrogen from the TotalEnergies mobile H2 station.

On both the H24 and the LMPH2G, the key components were available in more conventional versions.

The H24EVO is powered by a 300 KW net Symbio fuel cell featuring new-generation multi-stacks, an 872 HP electric motor and a 400 kW lithium battery. Two hydrogen tanks store 7.8 kg H2 at 700 bar.

The next major milestone for the H24EVO is its maiden run in 2025, during the first quarter of the year.


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