Lhyfe delivers 350 kg of green hydrogen to Géométhane (Engie group) for a salt cavern storage test
Toyota and Pepco to research vehicle-to-grid technology in Maryland

ANL: battery cell production in N America expected to exceed 1,200 GWh per year by 2030; cells for at least 12M new EVs annually

Argonne National Laboratory projects that battery cell production in North America will exceed 1,200 GWh of capacity by 2030. That is enough to supply 12 to 15 million new EVs annually assuming average battery capacities of 80 to 100 kWh per vehicle.


In the United States, much of the battery production is expected to take place near vehicle assembly locations, primarily in the Midwest and Southeast. The close proximity of battery production and vehicle assembly is critical for minimizing shipping time and transport costs for EV manufacturers.



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