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Lhyfe delivers 350 kg of green hydrogen to Géométhane (Engie group) for a salt cavern storage test

Lhyfe, a producer of green and renewable hydrogen, delivered 350 kg of green hydrogen to natural gas expert Géométhane for it to test injecting hydrogen into salt caverns at its Manosque site in the south of France. The injection, which was completed within the day, is a key test for the next stage of a major project led by the DLVAgglo urban community and Géométhane, which aims to accelerate the decarbonization of the Marseille-Fos-Sur-Mer industrial site (in the south of France), in particular using green hydrogen.

With this experiment, Géométhane, which currently stores natural gas in salt caverns, seeks to test injecting hydrogen into these same caverns, in order to study how hydrogen behaves. The hydrogen was injected into the natural gas system to reach a storage well and will remain there for observation for several weeks, before being extracted and analyzed.

Storing hydrogen in salt caverns will contribute to local energy independence by helping to balance the production and use of different energy sources—hydrogen can be extracted on demand to cope with peaks in consumption, or re-injected to store surplus energy supplied by nuclear power stations and renewable energy at times when energy use is lower.

As more and more sites begin to produce green hydrogen, the question of storage will become central. The use of salt caverns is a serious option being considered all over Europe. This trial will provide initial feedback on the subject.

—Matthieu Guesné, Founder and CEO of Lhyfe

In 2021, Lhyfe inaugurated the first industrial-scale green hydrogen production plant in the world to be interconnected with a wind farm. In 2022, it inaugurated the first offshore green hydrogen production pilot platform in the world. In 2023, it inaugurated two new sites, and currently has several sites under construction or expansion across Europe.


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