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Amprius Technologies, the developer of the Silicon Anode Platform for next-generation lithium-ion batteries, announced a strategic initiative to increase rapidly the global production capacity of its SiCore offering (earlier post) through new manufacturing partnerships.

SiCore batteries are based on a proprietary silicon anode material system delivering high-energy-density silicon anode batteries. The new silicon anode cell chemistry is designed to offer high energy density of up to 400 Wh/kg, and long cycle life, with as many as 1,200 cycles at full depth of discharge.

Amprius signed agreements with several contract manufacturers to secure more than 500 MWh of production capacity for its SiCore battery and is engaging with potential additional partners across a network of established Asia-based contract manufacturers.

Customers’ demand for large quantities of cells has increased, necessitating the acceleration of SiCore production. The strategic agreements will supply SiCore pouches in various chemistries and form factors, including 18650 and 21700 cylindrical cells.

The flexible capacity allows Amprius quickly to scale up or down production volumes in response to market demand without delays or significant costs. The contract manufacturing partnerships are structured to secure timely and efficient delivery, with stringent quality control measures so every SiCore battery meets our high standards of performance and reliability. Multiple manufacturing partners also helps mitigate risks from potential production delays, equipment failures, and supply chain disruptions.

The SiCore product family complements Amprius’ SiMaxx product line. By leveraging Amprius’ innovative silicon anode cell technology, the SiCore cell family offers versatility, featuring a cell with up to a 50% increase in energy density for extended range.


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