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SODA.Auto, a developer of software-defined vehicle (SDV) technologies, has launched its SDV Grant Program, a new initiative designed to empower automotive startups driving innovation in the industry. The program will provide five automotive startups with specialized SDV grants, valued £50,000 each (US$63,000), along with access to engineering tools, mentorship, and support.

This support aims to accelerate the development and market entry of more Software-Defined Vehicles.

Experts from SODA.Auto have assisted five automotive startups in the UK, US, and MENA regions with vehicle software engineering. In one measured case of SODA SDV Kit performance, the startup achieved results 2x faster and at 4x less cost compared to traditional methods.

To be eligible for the SDV Grant Program, startups must demonstrate their readiness to adopt SDV technologies and showcase their potential to make a significant impact on the automotive industry. The application period is running until 20 July 2024, with the five grant recipients to be announced shortly thereafter.

Grant recipients will publicly report on the results of their implementation of SODA.Auto technologies and participate in SODA.Auto marketing campaigns.

The automotive industry is facing a challenging situation. Budgets per vehicle are decreasing. The traditional method of delegating tasks to multiple suppliers and spending millions on each of them does not seem to be an effective solution. To stay competitive, automakers need a way to speed up vehicle creation and reduce development costs. By supporting these innovators, we aim to drive meaningful change and help shape a more sustainable and technologically advanced automotive future.

—Sergey Malygin, CEO at SODA.Auto


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