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Solaris secures new contracts for 88 electric buses in Sweden from Nobina

Nobina, a major transport operator in Sweden, has ordered a total of 88 Solaris electric buses for its fleet operating in three regions: Skåne, Värmland and Malmö. This includes 55 units of the Urbino 15 LE electric as reinvestment for Skåne region, 15 units for Värmland, and 18 units of the Urbino 18 electric operating in the city of Malmö.

The Urbino 15 LE electric is a model designed for Scandinavian markets that is also approved for interurban services. The deliveries are scheduled for 2024 and 2025.

The Solaris Urbino 15 LE electric low-entry, three-axle electric bus, suitable for both urban and suburban service, is gaining popularity on the Swedish market. Each bus will be powered by a 240 kW central motor drawing energy from Solaris High Energy batteries with a total capacity of more than 560 kWh.


This setup enables smooth operation throughout the day, with overnight charging via a plug-in system. Key features of this model include the Scandinavian package, which adapts them to difficult weather conditions. The operator opted for additional outside lightning above the door to facilitate the boarding and alighting of passengers at dusk.

Built on a new modular-drive system architecture and featuring the latest battery technology, the the Urbino 18 electric will be equipped with a 240 kW asynchronous motor and new-generation Solaris High Energy batteries, all located on the roof of the vehicle.


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