ASU research finds that Cash for Clunkers rebates were too high to prompt car upgrades

New research from a team at Arizona State University shows that even when receiving a big rebate from the government, consumers won’t always behave in expected ways. The study found that people would have been more likely to upgrade their cars if rebates had been less and if they had... Read more →

Global Bioenergies obtains a €400K grant from BMBF to produce renewable gasoline additives; Audi to use for engine testing

France-based Global Bioenergies announced that its German subsidiary, Global Bioenergies GmbH, secured a €400,000 (US$446,000) grant from the BMBF (the German federal ministry for research and education) to finance a 14-month-project aimed at producing renewable gasoline additives. Global Bioenergies has developed a process to convert renewable resources into gaseous isobutene... Read more →

Predicted surface-level concentrations of cerium due to use of nCe diesel fuel additives. Credit: ACS, Erdakos et al. Click to enlarge. Results of a modeling study by researchers from the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) suggest that widespread use of nanoparticulate cerium (nCe) diesel fuel additives across the US would... Read more →

ORYXE Energy Biodiesel Additive Certified for TxLED

The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) has approved ORYXE International’s biodiesel fuel additive—ORYXE LED for Biodiesel—for use in the state. Test results from a B20 biodiesel blend, submitted to the TCEQ, show that the additive reduces the NOx emissions from biodiesel to the level required to qualify as Texas... Read more →

Green Plus Fuel Catalyst Expands in Mexico

Four additional cities in Mexico will use Biofriendly’s Green Plus liquid fuel combustion catalyst: Guadalajara, Zapopan, Tlaquepaque and Tonalá. Guadalajara is Mexico’s second largest city. Mixed into diesel in concentrations of 50 ppm or less, the additive promotes a more complete, and lower-temperature combustion, resulting in reduced emissions and an... Read more →

Clean Diesel Technologies in Fuel Borne Catalyst Agreement with Fleetguard

Clean Diesel Technologies (CDT) has signed a blending and distribution agreement with Fleetguard, Inc., a business unit of Cummins Inc. (CMI), for the sale of Platinum Plus Fuel-Borne Catalyst (FBC) in North America and international markets. Under the terms of the agreement, Fleetguard will purchase Platinum Plus FBC concentrate from... Read more →

B20-ULSD Blend Cuts PM and NOx Emissions

Clean Diesel Technologies (CDT) has created a B20 blend combining ultra low-sulfur diesel (ULSD), biodiesel and its platinum- and cerium-based diesel fuel combustion catalyst (Platinum Plus). Tests on this proprietary blend, which CDT calls “Cleaner Burning Biodiesel” (CBB), show reductions of up to 51% in PM emissions and up to... Read more →