A team from Stanford University is proposing continuous electrochemical heat conversion as a direct method of harvesting heat to electricity. Using flow cells and solid-oxide cells respectively, they have built proof-of-principle heat harvesters operating both near ambient conditions, and at high temperatures. In a paper in the RSC journal Energy... Read more →

Volkswagen Group launches standalone mobility services company MOIA; initial focus on ride-hailing

The Volkswagen Group officially launched its new mobility services company MOIA. Volkswagen Group CEO Matthias Müller previewed the formation of the new business unit during a presentation of the Group’s new strategic plan—TOGETHER - Strategy 2025—in Wolfsburg in June. (Earlier post.) “MOIA will help us gain a deeper understanding of... Read more →

The SOLO. Click to enlarge. Velozzi released a rendering and some preliminary detail on its upcoming electric-drive crossover, the SOLO. The SOLO is an extended range electric vehicle equipped with a combination of supercapacitors and lithium-ion batteries for energy storage and a multi-fuel micro-turbine for the range-extending genset. The vehicle... Read more →