Huntsman, a global manufacturer and marketer of specialty chemicals, has added to the company’s battery solutions portfolio a series of new lightweight, durable polyurethane foam technologies developed for the potting and fixation of cells mounted in electric vehicle (EV) batteries. The new range also includes products that can be used... Read more →

Amprius Technologies, a developer of next-generation lithium-ion batteries with its Silicon Anode Platform, has signed purchase orders from AALTO HAPS (High Altitude Pseudo Satellite) for the company’s 450 Wh/kg ultra-high-energy density SiMaxx cells. Amprius’ 5.8 Ah, 450 Wh/kg SiMaxx cells are designed to operate in some of the most extreme... Read more →

Toyota Research Institute announces multimillion-dollar synthesis challenge to accelerate research in new advanced materials

Toyota Research Institute (TRI) announced a multiyear, multimillion-dollar challenge aimed at closing the gap between recent advances in AI prediction of new materials and finding the actual “recipe” needed to make these hypothetical materials in the real world. Researchers can presently use AI and simulation to find millions of novel... Read more →

California’s new ZEV battery manufacturing grant program open for applications

CALSTART, a California-based clean transportation nonprofit, announced the opening of PowerForward, California’s equity-first, market-accelerating, ZEV battery-manufacturing infrastructure grant program. This program is funded by the California Energy Commission (CEC) and is implemented by CALSTART in partnership with New Energy Nexus, Lawrence Berkeley Lab, and Yunev. PowerForward is designed to attract... Read more →

BASF Plastics support immersion cooling in high-speed hybrid car

BASF has supported RML Group in the development of an innovative, immersion-cooled battery for a high-performance hybrid hypercar that sets new performance and safety standards using next-generation plastic materials. The 800V battery features a capacity of 4.2 kWh and a discharge rate of >100C, weighing in at less than 75kg.... Read more →

BASF has started prototype metal refinery for battery recycling

BASF has successfully started operating its prototype metal refinery for battery recycling in Schwarzheide, Germany. The plant allows for the development of operational procedures and the optimization of innovative battery recycling technology, processing end-of-life lithium-ion batteries and battery production scrap. This will facilitate optimal recovery of valuable metals such as... Read more →

Sion Power & Muhlbauer to create manufacturing line for lithium metal cells

Sion Power Corporation, a leading technology developer of next-generation batteries for electric vehicles (EV), and MB ATECH, member of Muhlbauer Group, a German turnkey solution provider, announced a partnership to create an automated manufacturing line for Sion Power’s large format lithium metal cell. The new fully-automated manufacturing line will be... Read more →

Nissan shows in-construction all-solid-state battery pilot line in Japan

Nissan showed its in-construction all-solid-state battery pilot line to members of the media at its Yokohama Plant in Kanagawa Prefecture. The pilot line is aimed to further promote development and innovative manufacturing technologies for the batteries. Under the Nissan Ambition 2030 long-term vision, Nissan aims to launch EVs equipped with... Read more →

Coastal Workboats will collaborate with EST-Floattech, a provider of energy storage solutions for the maritime sector. EST-Floattech will be providing the battery system for the purpose-built Electric-Landing Utility Vessel (E-LUV) to be built at Coastal Workboats new yard Stornoway and the Shore-based Power Supply System (SPSS). This collaboration is realized... Read more →

BTR to build lithium battery ternary cathode material plant in Morocco

China-based BTR New Material Group signed an investment agreement with the Moroccan government to erect a lithium battery ternary cathode material facility in the country. The venture aims to cater to the surging demand in global markets while broadening the battery material maker’s international footprint. As part of the agreement,... Read more →

Amprius Technologies, a developer of next-generation lithium-ion batteries using its Silicon Anode Platform, has completed its qualification process for its centrotherm mass production deposition tool to manufacture silicon nanowire anodes. This marks a pivotal step in ramping production capacity to meet the growing demand for its ultra-high-energy SiMaxx cells in... Read more →

Green Li-ion, a lithium-ion battery recycling technology company, launched its first commercial-scale installation to produce sustainable, battery-grade materials—the first of its kind in North America. The plant, located within an existing recycling facility, will produce battery-grade cathode and anode materials from concentrated components of spent batteries using Green Li-ion’s patented... Read more →

Orion S.A. breaks ground on battery materials plant in Texas

Orion S.A., a global specialty chemicals company, broke ground on a plant in La Porte, Texas (southeast of Houston) that will be the only facility in the US producing acetylene-based conductive additives for lithium-ion batteries and other applications vital for the global shift to electrification. The battery additives produced by... Read more →

Benchmark forecasts 2024 lithium demand to grow by 32% year-on-year Benchmark forecasts 2024 lithium demand to grow by 32% year-on-year

Benchmark expects lithium demand to increase by 32% this year, compared to 2023. However, increases in production by industry majors as well as new supply means the market is set to be in a small surplus of around 8,000 tonnes this year, Benchmark forecasts. Arcadium Lithium said it would increase... Read more →

A team of researchers at Osaka Metropolitan University, led by Associate Professor Atsushi Sakuda and Professor Akitoshi Hayashi, both of the Graduate School of Engineering, led a research team in developing a process that can lead to mass synthesis for sodium-containing sulfides. Using sodium polysulfides (sulfides with two or more... Read more →

Vulcan Energy Resources announced the Start of Production (SOP) of the first lithium chloride (LiCl) product at Vulcan’s Lithium Extraction Optimization Plant (LEOP) in Landau, Germany (earlier post), marking the first lithium chemicals domestically produced from a local source in Europe, for Europe. LEOP is showing strong early results with... Read more →

Nanocellular graphene, a specialized form of the revolutionary material graphene, is coveted for its ability to improve the performance of electronic devices, energy devices and sensors. But its development has been stymied by cracks that appear during the manufacturing process. Now, researchers have discovered a means to achieve crack-free, robust... Read more →

BMW Group and Rimac Technology agree to long-term partnership on battery technology for select EVs

The BMW Group and Rimac Technology announced a long-term partnership. The aim of the collaboration is to co-develop and co-produce innovative solutions in the field of high-voltage battery technology for selected battery-electric vehicles. The BMW Group’s electrification strategy is aimed at building further on its position in the premium electric... Read more →

Malaysia-based Graphjet Technology, a developer of patented technologies to produce graphite and graphene directly from agricultural waste, plans to build a commercial artificial graphite production facility in Nevada. This plant is expected to be a first-of-its-kind in the United States. The plant is expected to be capable of recycling up... Read more →

Gelion, a spin-out from the University of Sydney (earlier post), has achieved a high energy density milestone by fabricating a 395 Wh/kg lithium-sulfur 9.5 Ah pouch cell (commercial cell format). This result represents a c. 60% increase in the energy density (lower weight) compared with current lithium-ion batteries (approximately 250... Read more →

Hyundai Motor and Kia partner with Exide Energy for EV battery localization in India; focus on LFP

Hyundai Motor Company (Hyundai Motor) and Kia Corporation (Kia) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for strategic cooperation with Exide Energy Solutions Ltd., a leading Indian battery company, as part of their electric vehicle (EV) expansion plans. With the expansion of their EV plans for the Indian market, Hyundai Motor... Read more →

In a study published in the Journal of Power Sources, researchers from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) have quantitatively demonstrated that there are significant changes to the thermal transport properties of both the anode and cathode dependent on the aging conditions. Marconnet et al. < While battery researchers often... Read more →

Litona, a startup established at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), will present its Prussian White sodium-ion battery materials (cathode powders and coated electrodes) at Hannover Messe later this month. Litona was established in August 2023 to supply European industry with sodium-ion energy storage materials. The startup is also considering developing... Read more →

LCA study shows Vianode graphite production process has a low carbon footprint of 1.9 kg CO2e/kg

Vianode, an advanced battery materials company providing sustainable anode graphite solutions, announced that Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of its planned industrial scale production of graphite verified a climate change impact of 1.9 kg CO2 equivalents per kilogra, graphite produced in Vianode’s process. Feedstock material production and processing are considered the... Read more →

Global capacity for lithium metal production is insufficient to support the early commercial growth of the lithium metal battery industry, according to Benchmark’s Solid-State and Lithium Metal Forecast. Such batteries use lithium metal as the anode material. This can significantly increase the capacity of the battery, but requires the use... Read more →

Panasonic Energy enters discussions with IndianOil over framework for formation of JV to manufacture cylindrical Li-ion batteries in India

Panasonic Energy, a Panasonic Group Company, signed a binding term sheet and initiated discussions with Indian Oil Corporation to draw a framework for formation of a joint venture to manufacture cylindrical lithium-ion batteries. This initiative is driven by the anticipated expansion of demand for batteries for two- and three-wheel vehicles... Read more →

Researchers at Tohoku University have developed a novel rock-salt oxide cathode material for rechargeable magnesium batteries (RMBs) that enables efficient charging and discharging even at low temperatures. An open-access paper detailing the findings is published in the Journal of Materials Chemistry A. The study showcases a considerable improvement in magnesium... Read more →

StoreDot, a developer of silicon-dominant extreme fast charging (XFC) battery technology for EVs, has achieved more than 2,000 consecutive XFC cycles, with the silicon-dominant battery cells maintaining more than 80% of their initial capacity. These results, showing high energy density, are from cells achieving at least 330 Wh/kg and 860... Read more →

DOE VTO announces $45.8M FY 2024 research & development funding opportunity

The US Department of Energy (DOE) announced $45.8 million in new funding for projects that will advance research, development, demonstration, and deployment (RDD&D) critical to achieving net-zero greenhouse gas emissions in the transportation sector. (DE-FOA-0003248) The funding is through DOE’s Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE). Topic areas... Read more →

ENNOVI introduces a new flexible circuit production process for low voltage connectivity in EV battery cell contacting systems

ENNOVI is introducing flexible die-cut circuit (FDC) technology as a more advanced and sustainable way of producing flexible circuits for low voltage signals in electric vehicle (EV) battery cell contacting systems. While flexible printed circuits (FPC) are often employed in these systems, they are the most expensive component in the... Read more →

Fraunhofer researchers to present Battery Passport draft technical reference standard at Hanover Messe

Starting in February 2027, all new traction batteries, two-wheeled vehicle batteries and industrial batteries with a capacity of more than 2 kWh that are marketed in the EU will require a digital battery passport. This will also affect LMT (light means of transport) batteries built into electric bicycles and electric... Read more →

Nexeon breaks ground on first silicon anode material production site

Nexeon, a developer of next-generation silicon anode materials for lithium-ion batteries, broke ground on its first commercial production facility. This milestone positions Nexeon to deliver on its commitment to supply high-performance, cost-effective silicon anode material at commercial volumes starting in 2025. By 2030, the new facility will have the capacity... Read more →

Electra Battery Materials Corporation and Eurasian Resources Group S.A.R.L. (ERG), a diversified natural resources group headquartered in Luxembourg, signed a binding letter of intent for long-term supply of ERG’s cobalt hydroxide to North America’s first battery-grade cobalt sulfate refinery. The agreement, effective 1 April 2024, supports efforts to onshore the... Read more →

Panasonic Energy and Mazda Motor Corporation signed an agreement towards the supply of cylindrical automotive lithium-ion batteries. In June 2023, the two companies commenced discussions aimed at building a medium- to long-term partnership for the supply of cylindrical automotive lithium-ion batteries, discussions which have now resulted in the signing of... Read more →

Archer successfully completes multiple battery pack drop tests

Archer Aviation, a leading developer of electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft, announced the successful completion of rigorous battery pack drop testing conducted at a National Institute for Aviation Research lab. This marks a significant milestone in the development of the company’s proprietary electric propulsion system for its Midnight... Read more →

Aqua Metals and 6K Energy sign strategic supply agreement to establish sustainable lithium battery supply chain

Aqua Metals and 6K Energy signed a strategic supply agreement establishing a North American sustainable circular supply chain for the critical minerals essential for manufacturing lithium-ion batteries. Aqua Metals will deliver sustainably recycled battery materials from its Sierra ARC facility in Reno, NV for 6K Energy to manufacture cathode active... Read more →

Altilium, a UK-based clean technology group (earlier post), is partnering with battery materials and technology company Talga Group to recover graphite from old EV batteries for reuse in the production of new battery anodes. The collaboration marks a step towards securing a sustainable domestic source of graphite for the UK... Read more →

DOE announces $62M for 17 projects to boost battery recycling

The US Department of Energy (DOE) announced $62 million for projects funded by the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law to increase consumer participation in consumer electronics battery recycling and improve the economics of battery recycling. With demand for electric vehicles (EVs) and stationary energy storage projected to expand the lithium battery market... Read more →

QuantumScape begins customer shipments of Alpha-2 prototypes

QuantumScape Corporation, a developer of next-generation solid-state lithium-metal battery technology, has started customer shipments of Alpha-2 prototype battery cells, fulfilling a goal for 2024. Alpha-2 prototypes are a significant milestone on the roadmap to deliver QSE-5, QuantumScape’s first planned commercial product. QuantumScape entered the automotive qualification process in December 2022... Read more →

Cox Automotive deploying VIN-specific used EV battery health solution across Manheim locations

Cox Automotive is rolling out across Manheim the used car industry’s only solution that will measure EV battery health for each specific VIN. In addition, the company is expanding LotVision's capabilities of reporting battery health for each unique vehicle. Both enhancements give wholesale buyers and sellers the information they need... Read more →

SK On, Ferrari strengthen battery partnership

SK On, a leading global electric vehicle battery manufacturer, signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the Italian luxury sports carmaker Ferrari to reinforce their partnership and to lead innovation in cell technology. Under the MoU, the two sides plan to share expertise in respective areas to expand their technological... Read more →

Farasis and FAW form strategic partneship to collaborate on new energy commercial vehicle applications

Farasis Energy and FAW Jiefang Automobile Co., Ltd., a leading commercial vehicle manufacturer in China, will partner on commercial vehicle applications. Both companies will collaborate closely on commercial vehicle semi-solid-state and solid-state battery projects for light-, medium- and heavy-vehicle platforms, and specific scenarios such as long-haul transportation, urban logistics, and... Read more →

Discovery Lithium to acquire private lithium explorer Midex Resources

Discovery Lithium, a Canadian exploration company, signed a letter of intent (LOI) to acquire a 100% interest in Midex Resources, another Canadian lithium exploration company. Discovery Lithium would acquire a 43,000-hectare land position in known lithium-bearing pegmatite fields with resources within northwestern Ontario, including the Crescent Lake Project. The Crescent... Read more →

Researchers in Korea have a developed novel, scalable, and cost-efficient wet synthesis approach to produce superionic conductive sulfide-based solid electrolytes (SEs). This method uses careful regulation of the nucleation rate and strategic substitution of elements to control particle size and enhance ionic conductivity. The resultant Li5.5PS4.5Cl1.5 SEs synthesized show a... Read more →

ZAPBATT is launching its Battery Operating System (bOS), initially focusing on Toshiba’s Battery SCiB Lithium Titanium Oxide (LTO) chemistry for integration across a variety of applications. The bOS technology is now available using SCiB for implementation in a wide range of products—from cordless tools and appliances to e-bikes and industrial... Read more →

Toray Industries has developed an ion-conductive polymer membrane that delivers 10-fold the ion conductivity of predecessors. This new offering could accelerate the deployment of solid-state batteries, air batteries and other lithium-metal batteries, greatly expanding the cruising ranges of electric vehicles, industrial drones, urban air mobility systems, and other transportation modes.... Read more →

Adamas Intelligence data shows that a combined total of 408,214 tonnes of lithium carbonate equivalent (LCE) were deployed onto roads globally last year in the batteries of all newly sold passenger EVs combined, a 40% increase over 2022. Europe and the Americas made up 40% of the global total with... Read more →

Albemarle, BMW Group in multi-year lithium hydroxide supply agreement; research opportunities

Albemarle Corporation recently announced a definitive agreement with the BMW Group to deliver battery-grade lithium to help the automaker pursue high-performance, premium electric vehicles (EVs). This multi-year agreement, which takes effect in 2025, is one of Albemarle’s largest ever globally and is of significant volume and value. In addition to... Read more →

DOE LPO makes conditional commitment for $2.26B loan for Thacker Pass lithium project

The US Department of Energy’s (DOE) Loan Programs Office (LPO) announced a conditional commitment to Lithium Americas Corp’s subsidiary, Lithium Nevada Corp., for a $2.26 billion loan to help finance the construction of a lithium carbonate processing plant at Thacker Pass in Humboldt County, Nevada. (Earlier post.) The project is... Read more →

ABI Research: EV battery recycling industry faces challenge as input supply reaches only a quarter of capacity by 2030

Heavy investment from the private sector and the US government has led to plans for battery recycling outpacing demand. According to new research from global technology intelligence firm ABI Research, US Electric Vehicle (EV) battery recycling plants plan to have the capacity to recycle 1.3 million EV-equivalents of batteries annually,... Read more →