Ionomr Innovations closes US$20M Series A-4 financing with broad industry participation

Ionomr Innovations Inc., developer and manufacturer of foundational polymer and membrane technologies for next-generation hydrogen applications, has closed a US$20-million Series A-4 funding round with returning lead investors NGIF Cleantech Ventures and Pallasite Ventures supported by Shell Ventures, Chevron Technology Ventures and Finindus, and joined by N.V. Bekaert, Asahi Kasei,... Read more →

Scientists at the University of Pretoria (UP) are leading a study of natural hydrogen gas discovered under the Earth’s surface in Mpumalanga (geologic hydrogen)—a potential source of renewable energy that could contribute to the national energy budget and help address the energy shortage in South Africa. Mpumalanga is a province... Read more →

GreenGo Energy has filed an application to Ministry of Petroleum, Energy and Mines in Mauritania for the development of one of the world’s largest green energy parks: Megaton Moon. Megaton Moon is planned for a staged implementation process to reach 60GW/190TWh of hybrid solar and wind generation and 35GW electrolysis... Read more →

dynaCERT has entered into an agreement with the French team HoleShot Competition to support their MAN Dakar Rally race truck at the 2024 Dakar Classic event. The French team’s #915 MAN Dakar Classic Rally race truck has been fitted with a HydraGEN HG1 Unit that uses simple electrolysis to convert... Read more →

With the approval of funding from the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action and the State of Rhineland-Palatinate, BASF has come a major step closer in building a proton exchange membrane electrolyzer. In cooperation with Siemens Energy, work on the water electrolysis at the Ludwigshafen site—the Hy4Chem-EI... Read more →

United H2 Limited (UHL), has formed a hydrogen exploration business, Voyager H2, with a group of engineering partners to capitalize on geologic hydrogen (earlier post) deposits available across Poland and other European regions along with Africa, South America, North America and Australia. With its first hydrogen exploration unit being prepared... Read more →

H2SITE validates on-board ammonia cracking system generating high-purity hydrogen coupled with PEM fuel cell

H2SITE has validated the first ammonia cracker to produce high-purity hydrogen for onboard power generation using a PEM fuel cell. An integrated membrane reactor has been installed and operated on board of the BERTHA B supply ship, sailing the shores of the Gulf of Biscay. Maritime transport is responsible for... Read more →

GE Vernova and Next Hydrogen sign MoU to integrate electrolysis technology with power systems to produce green hydrogen

GE Vernova’s Power Conversion business and Next Hydrogen Solutions Inc. have signed a memorandum of understanding to integrate Next Hydrogen’s electrolysis technology with Power Conversion’s power systems offerings to produce green hydrogen. The integration of GE Vernova’s power conversion technology provides Next Hydrogen water electrolyzers with direct current (DC) power... Read more →

A team led by Professor Mingxin Huang at the Department of Mechanical Engineering of the University of Hong Kong (HKU) has developed a strategy to enhance the corrosion resistance of stainless steel, enabling its potential application for green hydrogen production from seawater. A paper on the work is published in... Read more →

Topsoe signs first Australian green ammonia contract with Allied Green Ammonia

Topsoe has signed a contract with Allied, a developer of energy infrastructure projects, to deliver its dynamic green ammonia technology for Allied’s project in Gove, Northern Territory, Australia. The produced green ammonia is intended to be exported from Gove to the expanding South East Asian markets where demand for e-fuels... Read more →

Asahi Kasei, Gentari, and JGC sign MOU on FEED study for 60 MW class alkaline water electrolyzer to produce green hydrogen in Malaysia

Asahi Kasei, Gentari Hydrogen Sdn Bhd, a wholly-owned subsidiary of PETRONAS clean energy arm Gentari Sdn Bhd (Gentari), and JGC Holdings Corporation (JGC) have completed a detailed feasibility study for production of up to 8,000 tonnes per year of green hydrogen using a 60 megawatt (MW) class alkaline water electrolyzer... Read more →

At Agritechnica, Cummins confirmed its commitment to the hydrogen economy as part of its Destination Zero strategy. Following recent acquisitions and investment, Cummins’ focus is on three key areas for hydrogen: the production of green hydrogen; the management and transportation of hydrogen; and the application of hydrogen in engines and... Read more →

TESCanada H2 Inc., a Canadian developer of projects aimed at accelerating the energy transition, is proposing Projet Mauricie, a green hydrogen production site that upon commissioning in 2028 will produce 70,000 tonnes of green hydrogen exclusively dedicated to Québec end users. Totalling $4 billion in investments for the region, the... Read more →

SunGas Renewables announced it has been selected by Australian green hydrogen and methanol project developer, ABEL Energy, to supply green methanol for a new $1.4-billion facility in Northern Tasmania, Australia. Johnson Matthey, a leading methanol synthesis technology and catalyst supplier, was also selected to supply key technologies for the project.... Read more →

Indian researchers developing non-catalytic diesel autothermal reformer for on-board hydrogen generation

A team from the Indian Institute of Technology Gandhinagar has designed and built a non-catalytic autothermal reformer for liquid hydrocarbons for on-board hydrogen generation. To date, they have achieved a carbon conversion of 88% with an overall reformer efficiency of 82%. They expect further conversion and efficiency improvements once a... Read more →

Duke Energy will break ground in DeBary, Fla., on the first demonstration project in the United States to create clean energy using an end-to-end system to produce, store and combust 100% green hydrogen. The innovative system is the result of collaboration between Duke Energy, Sargent and Lundy, and GE Vernova... Read more →

thyssenkrupp Uhde to supply a green methanol and methanol-to-gasoline demo plant for ENOWA in Saudi Arabia

thyssenkrupp Uhde has been awarded a contract by ENOWA, NEOM’s energy and water company, for engineering services and the supply, design and procurement of equipment for a new CO2-to-methanol and methanol-to-gasoline demonstration plant at ENOWA’s Hydrogen Innovation and Development Center (HIDC) in Saudi Arabia. The plant is a joint development... Read more →

Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners and Tenaska to develop gigawatt-scale green hydrogen projects in the US

Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners (CIP), through its Energy Transition Fund I (CI ETF I), the largest dedicated clean hydrogen fund globally, and Tenaska further strengthen their relationship by entering into an agreement to ramp up development of gigawatt-scale green hydrogen projects in the US. As part of the agreement, Tenaska and... Read more →

bp selects Johnson Matthey’s LCH technology for its first low carbon (blue) hydrogen project

Johnson Matthey (JM) and bp have signed a licensing and engineering agreement for Johnson Matthey’s LCH technology at bp’s proposed flagship low carbon (blue) hydrogen facility in Teesside, H2Teesside. H2Teesside targets 1.2GW of hydrogen production by 2030—more than 10% of the UK Government’s hydrogen target of 10GW by 2030. Industry... Read more →

MIT engineers design system for efficient solar-driven water-splitting to produce hydrogen

MIT engineers have designed a new train-like system of reactors driven solely by the sun to produce green hydrogen by water-splitting. In a study published in Solar Energy Journal, the engineers lay out the conceptual design for a system that can efficiently produce solar thermochemical hydrogen. Solar thermochemical hydrogen (STCH)... Read more →

Bekaert and Toshiba sign MoU to develop global partnership around MEAs for PEM electrolysis

Bekaert and Toshiba Corporation’s energy arm, Toshiba Energy Systems & Solutions Corporation (Toshiba ESS) have agreed to study the possibility of a global partnership to jointly develop the production and sales of MEAs (Membrane Electrode Assembly) for electrolyzers. Bekaert has a leading market position in Porous Transport Layers (PTL) (sometimes... Read more →

Japanese team demonstrates continuous hydrogen production using formic acid

Researchers in Japan have used an iridium-immobilized catalyst based on polyethyleneimine (PEI) for hydrogen production via formic acid (CH₂O₂) dehydrogenation (FADH). Their paper appears in the journal ChemSusChem. The iridium complex and its ligand cross-linked with PEI for the catalyst; the iridium content could be easily varied in the range... Read more →

DOE announces $7B for 7 regional hydrogen hubs

The US Department of Energy (DOE) announced $7 billion to launch seven Regional Clean Hydrogen Hubs (H2Hubs) across the nation and accelerate the commercial-scale deployment of low-cost, clean hydrogen. Funded by the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, the seven H2Hubs will kickstart a national network of clean hydrogen producers, consumers, and connective... Read more →

Lhyfe is starting the construction of a hydrogen production plant in the city of Schwäbisch Gmünd in Germany. This plant, which will be the largest green hydrogen plant in Baden-Württemberg, will be the first to supply hydrogen directly to an industrial park. It is also the first in a network... Read more →

HD Hyundai makes €45M strategic investment in solid oxide fuel cell company Elcogen

Solid-oxide fuel cell company Elcogen announced that Korea Shipbuilding & Offshore Engineering Co., Ltd. (KSOE), a member of HD Hyundai Group, has signed a strategic investment in Elcogen of €45m with closing subject to, among other things, Elcogen obtaining the approval of its shareholders to the issue of the new... Read more →

Arcadia eFuels selects Plug Power for 280 MW PEM electrolyzer system for SAF production at Vordingborg

Arcadia eFuels has selected Plug Power to provide a 280 MW proton exchange membrane (PEM) electrolyzer system to Arcadia’s Vordingborg plant for the production of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF). Harnessing Denmark’s plentiful wind power, Arcadia eFuels Vordingborg site will utilize Plug’s electrolyzer technology to produce approximately 120 tons per day... Read more →

Neste reserves production capacity with thyssenkrupp nucera for 120 MW water electrolyzer at Porvoo refinery

Neste, the leading global producer of sustainable aviation fuel, renewable diesel and renewable feedstocks for various applications in the polymer and chemical industries, signed an agreement with thyssenkrupp nucera to reserve production capacities for an alkaline water electrolysis plant. The agreement covers the supply of six standardized 20 MW scalum... Read more →

Topsoe and Aramco to demonstrate eREACT technology for low-carbon hydrogen production

Topsoe and Aramco will partner to demonstrate the eREACT technology for the production of low-carbon hydrogen (blue hydrogen). Topsoe’s eREACT technology is a technology platform for production of low-carbon hydrogen and has the potential to reduce carbon emissions significantly; the hydrogen produced will hold a carbon intensity of near zero.... Read more →

It is a common misconception that hydrogen does not exist as H2 in nature and that producing hydrogen requires splitting it from other molecules, such as methane (CH4) or water (H20). However, scientists have known for some time that hydrogen also occurs naturally, generated through geologic processes. (Earlier post.) These... Read more →

Rice University researchers in the Tour Lab have converted waste plastics—including mixed waste plastics that don’t have to be sorted by type or washed—into high-yield hydrogen gas and high-value graphene. A paper on their work is published in Advanced Materials. Hydrogen gas (H2) is the primary storable fuel for pollution-free... Read more →

Hystar announces 4 GW electrolyzer factory in Norway and N American expansion plans

Hystar AS, a spin-off from SINTEF that is developing efficient PEM electrolyzers, will build a fully automated 4 GW electrolyzer factory in Høvik, Norway (just west of Oslo), that will be delivered in 2025, with construction commencing in early 2024. Furthermore, the company is expanding into North America, establishing a... Read more →

NW Natural, Oregon’s largest gas utility, and Kokkola, Finland-based Hycamite TCD Technologies have signed a letter of intent to explore applications for Hycamite’s novel methane pyrolysis technology to produce and distribute clean hydrogen. Hycamite’s proprietary technology is based on the thermocatalytic decomposition (TCD) of methane molecules. The process developed by... Read more →

Nel ASA to build next gigafactory in Michigan

Norway-based Nel has selected Plymouth Charter Township, a suburb of Detroit, Michigan, as the location for its next gigafactory. Fully developed, the factory will be among the world’s largest electrode manufacturing facilities, with a total annual capacity of 4 GW Alkaline and PEM technology. Plymouth Charter Township is an ideal... Read more →

On the occasion of the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to supply the TotalEnergies refinery in Gonfreville, Normandy, France, with renewable and low-carbon hydrogen, Air Liquide announced an investment of more than €400 million for the construction of its Normand’Hy electrolyzer, with a capacity of 200 MW. The... Read more →

The Salzgitter Group has selected technology group ANDRITZ to supply one of Europe’s largest green hydrogen plants for the SALCOS (SAlzgitter Low CO2 Steelmaking) program, which aims to achieve virtually CO2-free (green) steel production. (Earlier post.) ANDRITZ will build a 100 MW electrolysis plant at the Salzgitter Flachstahl GmbH site... Read more →

Phil Ansell, an aerospace engineer at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, modeled the life cycle carbon dioxide equivalent emissions of liquid hydrogen production required to meet the fuel needs of Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport (ORD) with today’s electric grid mix. His analysis found that if electrolyzed hydrogen were to be... Read more →

Given recent interest in the discovery of naturally accumulating deposits of subsurface hydrogen known as geologic hydrogen (earlier post), the US Department of Energy (DOE) announced up to $20 million in funding to develop technologies that can stimulate the generation of hydrogen within the subsurface at the lowest cost and... Read more →

FuelCell Energy and Toyota Motor North America announced the completion of the first-of-its-kind “Tri-gen system” at Toyota’s Port of Long Beach operations. The Tri-gen system, owned and operated by FuelCell Energy, produces renewable electricity, renewable hydrogen, and water from directed biogas. FuelCell Energy has contracted with Toyota to supply the... Read more →

Ovako, a European manufacturer of steel and one of the largest steel recyclers in the Nordic countries, is inaugurating the hydrogen plant at its Hofors mill. (Earlier post.) Ovako’s hydrogen plant is the world’s first facility for producing fossil-free hydrogen to heat steel before rolling. This reduces emissions from this... Read more →

Hyundai Motor Group partners with Sudokwon Landfill on green hydrogen

Hyundai Motor Group signed an MOU with the Sudokwon Landfill Site Management Corporation (SL Corp) to demonstrate new technologies for large-scale hydrogen production using biogas over the next two years. The agreement aims to demonstrate a system that can produce 216 kilograms of green hydrogen per day by utilizing biogas... Read more →

A €2.94-million project coordinated by SINTEF seeks to develop and demonstrate a proton exchange membrane (PEM) electrolyzer stack with increased performance, reduced CAPEX, and increased sustainability compared to current PEM electrolyszer systems. Participating with SINTEF in the UNICORN (“Unlocking the Full Potential of Electrolysis with Next-Generation Proton Exchange Membrane Stacks”)... Read more →

Monarch Energy proposes $426M green hydrogen plant in Louisiana

Monarch Energy, an energy company focused on decarbonizing the hydrogen production process, is exploring building a $426- million facility in Ascension Parish, Louisiana. The company estimates the proposed facility would use electrolysis to manufacture 120,000 kilograms of hydrogen per day. If the project moves forward as outlined, Monarch Energy expects... Read more →

ZeroAvia in hydrogen aviation fuel partnership with Masdar

ZeroAvia signed a partnership agreement with Masdar, one of the world’s leading clean energy companies, to explore hydrogen production and supply at key locations. The partnership with the UAE’s flagship renewable energy company, Masdar, will focus initially on projects in North America and Europe, while also looking at the opportunity... Read more →

Australia’s national science agency, CSIRO, and corporate advisor RFC Ambrian have co-founded Hadean Energy, a new company to commercialize CSIRO’s tubular solid oxide electrolysis (tSOE) technology. Solid oxide electrolysis (SOE) (earlier post) uses a ceramic cell to split heated steam molecules into hydrogen and oxygen. SOE operates at temperatures above... Read more →

Zeon Corporation invests in Mitra Chem; LFP cathode materials

Japan-based Zeon Corporation, through its venture capital arm Zeon Ventures Inc., has invested in Mitra Future Technologies, Inc., a US startup developing cathode materials for lithium iron phosphate (LFP) batteries. (Earlier post.)In addition, Zeon plans to explore future collaborations associated with this investment. Mitra Chem is one of the select... Read more →

NETL publishes review of safety challenges of production, transportation and storage of hydrogen

The National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL) has published The Hydrogen Safety Review for Gas Turbines, SOFC, and High Temperature Hydrogen Production to review and summarize the unique safety challenges involved with the production, transportation and storage of hydrogen. The Review is part of NETL’s Hydrogen Safety Field Work Proposal to... Read more →

DOE awards $34M to 19 projects to advance clean hydrogen

The US Department of Energy (DOE) awarded nearly $34 million to 19 industry- and university-led research projects that will advance technology solutions to make clean hydrogen a more available and affordable fuel for electricity generation, industrial decarbonization, and transportation. The projects are additional selections for the $160-million funding opportunity DE-FOA-0002400,... Read more →

MAN Energy Solutions wins pre-engineering contract for methanation reactor in Power-to-X Plant

Koppö Energia has commissioned MAN Energy Solutions to deliver the front-end engineering design (FEED) for the methanation reactor of an industrial-scale power-to-X plant. The plant, with a total input capacity of 200 MW, will be built in Kristinestad, Finland for the production of green hydrogen and synthetic natural gas (SNG).... Read more →

Advanced Ionics, the developer of a new category of hydrogen electrolyzers useful for expanding green hydrogen production, closed a $12.5-million Series A financing led by bp ventures, with additional investors including Clean Energy Ventures, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, and GVP Climate. The new capital will help catalyze Advanced Ionics’ growth and... Read more →

Technology group Wärtsilä will provide the front-end engineering design (FEED) for the liquefaction and storage of liquefied synthetic methane (LSM). The plant is to be built by Koppö Energia Oy, a joint venture company between Germany’s Prime Green Energy Infrastructure Fund and CPC Finland Oy, in Kristinestad, Finland. The FEED... Read more →