Westport HPDI-LNG Trucks in One-Year “Clean Air Corridor” Demo

Five heavy-duty trucks equipped with Westport Innovations’ High-Pressure Direct-Injection (HPDI) technology and fueled by Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) are beginning a one-year demonstration project along Canada’s busy Highway 401. Challenger Motor Freight will operate five new Volvo trucks equipped with 15-liter, 450-hp Cummins ISX engines equipped with Westport’s HPDI-LNG technology... Read more →

Sidenote on Appropriations Bill: Federal Control of LNG Terminal Sites

Congress embedded a provision in the omnibus spending bill that gives support to the federal government over the states when it comes to siting Liquefied Natural Gas terminals. On March 24, 2004, FERC issued a declaratory order asserting exclusive jurisdiction over the approval and siting of liquefied natural gas (LNG)... Read more →

China Forges Major Energy Ties with Iran

AFP. China is making many large-scale investments with energy producers around the world. One of the most recent is a $70 Billion oilfield and LNG (liquefied natural gas) agreement with Iran. Under a memorandum of understanding signed Thursday, China’s second-largest oil firm, Sinopec Group, will buy 250 million tons of... Read more →