$35M in VW Environmental Mitigation Trust funding is now available for zero-emission freight and marine projects in California

The California Air Resources Board announced that the first installment of $35 million in VW Environmental Mitigation Trust funding for Zero-Emission Freight and Marine Projects throughout California is now available via a competitive solicitation. A second solicitation offering an additional $35 million is expected to be released in mid-2022. The... Read more →

Volta Power Systems has partnered with Stellar Industries to provide lithium-ion power systems that reduce idling from fleet utility and work trucks. The auxiliary system stores enough energy to provide all-day power to operate hydraulics, power tools, and multiphase worksite power without idling. Available as an accessory to replace a... Read more →

RISE Robotics, a leader in high-performance and cost-effective electric linear actuation solutions, raised $3 million in additional funding. The funding round was led by The Engine, the venture firm spun out of MIT that invests in early-stage Tough Tech companies. Linear actuators create the push-and-pull movements in the mechanisms of... Read more →

ION Energy and Li-ion pack maker Wamtechnik enter strategic partnership; electric excavator

Advanced battery management and intelligence systems provider ION Energy has entered into a strategic partnership with European battery pack manufacturer Wamtechnik to facilitate the deployment of a prototype electric excavator for a leading European construction equipment maker. Wamtechnik undertakes the design and production of dedicated rechargeable and non-rechargeable battery packs... Read more →

DEUTZ presented its latest developments in the field of sustainable off-highway drive systems at CONEXPO in Las Vegas. (The show, originally scheduled to run from 10-14 March, closed one day early as concern over the COVID-19 outbreak began to mount). DEUTZ combines diesel, gas, hybrid, electric and hydrogen technologies to... Read more →

European battery manufacturer Northvolt has delivered its largest order of lithium-ion battery systems to date to mining and infrastructure industries supplier Epiroc. Epiroc Boltec M Battery rock bolting rig, right side view. Source: Epiroc. Northvolt has partnered with Epiroc for more than two years and has developed a platform of... Read more →

UPS has begun testing the suitability and durability of Gaussin electric vehicles, which also have autonomous driving capability, to move semi-trailers and containers on the grounds of UPS’ advanced-technology London Hub. During the initial phase of the test, UPS will operate the electric vehicles (Trailer and Swap Body Mover, TSBM)—known... Read more →

CASE Construction Equipment introduced “Project Zeus”: the 580 EV, the construction industry’s first fully electric backhoe loader. The power and performance of the 580 EV is equivalent to other diesel-powered backhoes in the CASE product line and provides considerably lower daily operating costs while also producing zero emissions—a motivating factor... Read more →

Power management company Eaton has expanded its portfolio of valvetrain solutions for diesel off-highway vehicles to help OEMs reduce emissions and improve fuel economy. Eaton’s new technology allows for cost-effective, variable valve actuation with hydraulic lash adjustment (HLA) function. This technology enables precise valve lift control through HLA, coupled with... Read more →

CA targets off-road equipment for GHG reductions with $44M CORE voucher project

The California Air Resources Board will launch its Clean Off-Road Equipment Voucher Incentive Project (CORE) at the Port of San Diego on 31 January. The new $44-million voucher project is designed to accelerate deployment of zero-emission off-road freight equipment used at goods-movement hubs, including ports, distribution centers, airports, and rail... Read more →

Volvo Trucks, having recently started sales of electric trucks for urban transport, believes that electrification can become a competitive alternative also for heavier trucks. To explore and demonstrate the possibilities, Volvo Trucks has developed electric concept trucks for construction operations and regional distribution. We see great potential for heavy-duty electric... Read more →

MEG expanding heavy-duty electric truck efforts; succsessful testing of mine vehicle

Ideanomics’ Mobile Energy Group (MEG) is expanding its activities with heavy-duty electric trucks as part of an ongoing effort to identify commercial vehicle activities where significant pollution reduction can be achieved by eliminating fossil fuels. In addition to the environmental considerations, heavy-duty electric trucks offer additional benefits such as reduced... Read more →

CARB launches $40M CORE incentive program for clean off-road freight and cargo handling equipment, vehicles

The California Air Resources Board launched a new $40-million program designed to accelerate the purchase and use of zero-emission off-road freight technologies. The “Clean Off-Road Equipment Voucher Incentive Project” (CORE) will feature a streamlined voucher process for buyers to receive funding that will offset the higher costs of clean, zero-emission... Read more →

BMZ Holding and KION Group to launch joint venture for lithium-ion batteries for industrial trucks

BMZ Holding GmbH, a European manufacturer of lithium-ion battery systems, will join forces with KION GROUP AG, a global provider of intralogistics solutions, to form a joint venture under the name of KION Battery Systems GmbH. This joint venture will manufacture lithium-ion batteries for industrial trucks in the EMEA region.... Read more →

The US Department of Energy announced $50 million for new and innovative research of technologies for trucks, off-road vehicles, and the fuels that power them. Funded through the DOE’s Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE), these selections highlight the DOE’s priorities in gaseous fuels research, including natural gas,... Read more →

Plug Power Inc. and Charlatte America, a member of the Fayat Group, the leading manufacturer of battery powered electric airport ground support equipment (GSE) throughout Europe and the United States, have delivered fuel cell-powered electric cargo tuggers for use by FedEx at the Albany International Airport. The ground support vehicles... Read more →

Volvo CE to launch electric compact wheel loaders and excavators in 2020; stopping new diesel development on those models

In an industry-first move, Volvo Construction Equipment (Volvo CE) has announced that in 2020 it will start the launch of an electric range of Volvo-branded compact wheel loaders and compact excavators. By mid-2020, Volvo CE will begin to launch a range of electric compact excavators (EC15 to EC27) and wheel... Read more →

DEUTZ AG and Manitou Group—a world leading OEM in rough-terrain handling equipment—are partnering on the electrification of the drive line. DEUTZ has incorporated prototype electric drives into Manitou equipment for the first time. Manitou Group, the first E-DEUTZ partner, has fitted one of its telehandlers with a hybrid drive and... Read more →

Dana Incorporated has been collaborating with Mecalac to develop a customized e-Drivetrain system for the new Mecalac e12 electric compact wheeled excavator, introduced earlier this year at Intermat in Paris. With the proven Mecalac 12MTX as a base frame, this version is the first compact wheeled excavator powered entirely by... Read more →

At Agritechnica in Hanover, the world’s leading trade fair for agricultural machinery and equipment, Continental is presenting exhaust aftertreatment solutions for agricultural and construction machinery. Continental’s solutions are designed to conform to the upcoming EU Stage V emissions standards, which from 2019 will set stricter emissions limits for non-road mobile... Read more →

DOE to award up to $3M for R&D to improve efficiency of off-road fluid-power systems

The US Department of Energy (DOE) will provide up to $3 million of new funding (DE-FOA-0001815) for fluid-power systems research for off-road vehicles. Construction, mining, and agriculture equipment represent the majority of fuel consumption in off-road vehicles, and this equipment relies heavily on fluid-power systems (i.e. hydraulics) to actuate most... Read more →

With funding provided by the California Energy Commission, Volvo Construction Equipment (Volvo CE) demonstrated its LX1 prototype mid-sized (20 ton) hybrid-electric wheel loader (earlier post), a piece of equipment widely used in the construction, refuse, and agricultural industries, that achieved a 50% improvement in fuel efficiency. The LX1 is a... Read more →

California has invested $559M in cap-and-trade funds in ZEVs; state represents more than 40% of US ZEV sales

The California Air Resources Board (ARB) announced that California Climate Investments in zero-emission vehicles have reached $599 million since 2013, putting hundreds of thousands of ultra-clean cars, and entire fleets of zero-emission trucks and buses on California roads and highways. ARB made the announcement at the annual Advanced Clean Transportation... Read more →

Volvo Construction Equipment (CE) presented the HX2 autonomous, battery-electric, load carrier at CONEXPO/CON-AGG 2017. The second-generation concept machine is part of an electric site research project that aims to transform the quarry and aggregates industry, reducing carbon emissions by up to 95% and total cost of ownership by up to... Read more →

Study shows renewable diesel from crude tall oil is a high quality drop-in fuel for off-road engines

A team from the University of Vaasa (Finland) and UPM-Kymmene Corporation has examined how the blends of fossil and renewable diesel produced from crude tall oil (CTO) affect the performance and exhaust emissions of the modern common-rail off-road diesel engine. The study, published in the journal Fuel, used four different... Read more →

Cal Energy to award up to $4M for off-road heavy-duty natural gas vehicle research and development

The California Energy Commission will award up to $4 million (GFO-16-501) to projects to to support the research and development of heavy-duty off-road vehicles powered by conventional or renewable natural gas. Projects should incorporate advanced low emission engine technology currently available for heavy-duty on-road vehicles. Existing advanced natural gas engine... Read more →

Researchers in the HRL Laboratories Sensors and Materials Laboratory have developed an active variable stiffness vibration isolator capable of 100x stiffness changes and millisecond actuation times, independent of the static load. According to Principal Investigator Christopher Churchill, “This performance surpasses existing mechanisms by at least 20 times in either speed... Read more →

Dana Holding Corporation is now offering its Spicer PowerBoost hydraulic-hybrid system for field testing by off-highway original-equipment manufacturers (OEMs). Dana engineers have conducted extensive field tests of the Spicer PowerBoost system integrated with a dual-motor hydrostatic transmission in a series configuration. These functional evaluations include more than 1,000 hours on... Read more →

Adrian Narvaez of Hawaii Hydrogen Carriers (HHC) observes a metal hydride storage tank, part of a project led by Sandia National Laboratories. (Photo by Dino Vournas) Click to enlarge. Sandia National Laboratories and Hawaii Hydrogen Carriers (HHC) are partnering to design a solid-state metal-hydride hydrogen storage system for forklifts; the... Read more →

Oerlikon Fairfield will unveil its new patent-pending off-highway hybrid electric drivetrain technology at the upcoming ConExpo-Con/Agg trade show from March 4-8 at the Las Vegas Convention Center. The drivetrain technology utilizes a Tier 3 or Tier 4 engine driving a 227kW switch reluctance generator with step-up gearing to produce electrical... Read more →

Summary of comparison of NOx emissions and fuel consumption of hybrid (D7E) and conventional (D6) dozers. Negative values mean hybrid benefit and positive values mean dis-benefit. PM, THC, and CO emission rates were very low for both the D7E and D6T and thus were not able to be quantified as... Read more →

New valveless electro-hydraulic steering system for off-road equipment shows significant fuel savings and productivity benefits

Researchers at Purdue University have developed a new valveless hydraulic steering system for heaving construction equipment that improves efficiency and reduces fuel consumption. The new approach eliminates valves now needed to direct the flow of hydraulic fluid in steering systems and uses advanced algorithms and models to control hydraulic pumps... Read more →

ARB issues solicitation for zero-emission off-road equipment projects

The California Air Resources Board (ARB) issued a grant solicitation for demonstration projects on zero-emission off-road equipment. ARB expects that up to $1 million will be available for this solicitation, although funding could be increased to a maximum of $5 million depending on the availability of state funds. The potential... Read more →

Westport and Caterpillar to co-develop natural gas technology for off-road equipment

Westport Innovations Inc. has signed agreements with Caterpillar Inc. to co-develop natural gas technology for off-road equipment, including mining trucks and locomotives. Caterpillar and Westport will combine technologies and expertise, including Westport High Pressure Direct Injection (HPDI) technology and Caterpillar’s off-road engine and machine product technology, to develop the natural... Read more →

Combustion engine driving the input shaft of the HVT. The upper hydrostatic and lower mechanical path can be seen inside the HVT, which transmit power separately or in combination. The power is combined on the output side in a summation gear train and made available to the drive shaft. Click... Read more →

The NH2 hydrogen fuel cell tractor. Click to enlarge. New Holland previewed the farm-ready version of the hydrogen fuel cell NH2 tractor (earlier post) at the Agritechnica international agricultural machinery show in Hannover in November. Derived from the New Holland T6.140 production model, the new tractor will operate all the... Read more →

Profi 4135 Natural Power. Click to enlarge. Steyr has introduced the first production tractor powered by natural gas. The new Steyr Profi 4135 Natural Power is equipped with a turbocharged mono-fuel CNG engine, made by Fiat Powertrain Technologies (FPT), another Fiat group company. (Steyr is part of CNH Global N.V.,... Read more →

Purported benefits of the Caterpillar D7E Electric Drive Track-Type Tractor. Click to enlarge. Scientists at the University of California, Riverside’s Center for Environmental Research and Technology have received a $2-million contract for a first-of-its-kind study of hybrid construction vehicles. The two-year project, which is being funded by the California Air... Read more →

The roadmap features parallel technology streams depending on duty cycle. Click to enlarge. The UK Automotive Council has published a long-term strategy aimed at helping manufacturers of commercial vehicles and construction equipment move to low-carbon solutions. These technologies include hybridization, more efficient powertrains and alternative fuels; the “Low carbon Commercial... Read more →

Diagram of the New Holland T7 engine and SCR system. Click to enlarge. Together with its engine development partner, Fiat Powertrain Technologies, New Holland is introducing a range of Tier 4A compliant engines, based on Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) technology, which reduce fuel consumption and running costs; and improve power... Read more →

EPA Tier 4 Interim and EU Stage IIIB emissions standards and effect dates vary by power category. Source: Cummins. Click to enlarge. Cummins Inc. has begun production and supply of the first EPA Tier 4 Interim and EU Stage IIIB certified engines and aftertreatment for early installation by off-highway equipment... Read more →

Benefits of the D7E. Click to enlarge. Caterpillar Inc. presented the keys of the first AC electric drive track-type tractor in the industry to a long-time customer, TJ Lambrecht. TJ Lambrecht, headquartered in Joliet, Illinois, is one of the most recognized heavy, civil, and earthmoving contractors in the country, with... Read more →

BorgWarner VTG turbochargers are the first to help industrial diesel engines for the off-highway market meet new emissions regulations while improving fuel economy. Click to enlarge. BorgWarner will supply variable turbine geometry (VTG) turbochargers to boost John Deere Power Systems Interim Tier 4/Stage III B PowerTech PVX and PowerTech PSX... Read more →

DEUTZ Introduces Mild Hybrid Drive for Off-Road Construction Equipment

The DEUTZ hybrid unit. Engine manufacturer DEUTZ has developed a mild hybrid drive system for off-road construction equipment that has the potential to reduce fuel consumption by as much as 30%. The hybrid drive consists of a DEUTZ four-cylinder diesel engine, an electric motor, a lithium-ion battery pack and a... Read more →