Carbon fiber reinforced plastics (CFRP) are lighter and stronger than metal and are used in a variety of industries, including aviation, aerospace, automotive, marine, and sporting goods. In recent years, it has also been applied to new industries such as air mobility, which has led to an increase in its... Read more →

Neste successfully concludes its first processing run with pyrolysis oil from discarded tires

Pyrolysis oil derived from discarded tires was processed into high-quality raw material for chemicals and plastics at Neste’s refinery in Porvoo, Finland. In its efforts to advance chemical recycling, Neste has successfully conducted its first processing trial run with a new challenging raw material, liquefied discarded tires. In the processing... Read more →

BASF has started prototype metal refinery for battery recycling

BASF has successfully started operating its prototype metal refinery for battery recycling in Schwarzheide, Germany. The plant allows for the development of operational procedures and the optimization of innovative battery recycling technology, processing end-of-life lithium-ion batteries and battery production scrap. This will facilitate optimal recovery of valuable metals such as... Read more →

Green Li-ion, a lithium-ion battery recycling technology company, launched its first commercial-scale installation to produce sustainable, battery-grade materials—the first of its kind in North America. The plant, located within an existing recycling facility, will produce battery-grade cathode and anode materials from concentrated components of spent batteries using Green Li-ion’s patented... Read more →

Ionic Rare Earths has begun continuous production of high purity, recycled magnet rare earth oxides (REOs) has commenced at scale on the demonstration plant at Ionic Technologies International Ltd’s Belfast facility in the UK. Ionic Technologies recycles Neodymium-Iron-Boron (NdFeB) permanent magnets to high purity separated magnet rare earth oxides (REOs),... Read more →

Aqua Metals and 6K Energy sign strategic supply agreement to establish sustainable lithium battery supply chain

Aqua Metals and 6K Energy signed a strategic supply agreement establishing a North American sustainable circular supply chain for the critical minerals essential for manufacturing lithium-ion batteries. Aqua Metals will deliver sustainably recycled battery materials from its Sierra ARC facility in Reno, NV for 6K Energy to manufacture cathode active... Read more →

Altilium, a UK-based clean technology group (earlier post), is partnering with battery materials and technology company Talga Group to recover graphite from old EV batteries for reuse in the production of new battery anodes. The collaboration marks a step towards securing a sustainable domestic source of graphite for the UK... Read more →

DOE announces $62M for 17 projects to boost battery recycling

The US Department of Energy (DOE) announced $62 million for projects funded by the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law to increase consumer participation in consumer electronics battery recycling and improve the economics of battery recycling. With demand for electric vehicles (EVs) and stationary energy storage projected to expand the lithium battery market... Read more →

Cyclic Materials and VACUUMSCHMELZE partner to recycle critical magnet manufacturing by-products

Cyclic Materials, an advanced metals recycling company building a circular supply chain for rare earth elements and other critical metals, is partnering with VACUUMSCHMELZE (VAC), a leading developer of magnetic materials and solutions. The companies have signed an agreement ensuring that by-products containing critical materials used in high-performance permanent magnets... Read more →

AIChE to lead new hydrogen electrolyzer and fuel cell recycling consortium

The US Department of Energy (DOE) recently announced $750 million in funding for 52 projects across 24 states to reduce the cost of clean hydrogen selected and reinforce American leadership in the growing hydrogen industry. (Earlier post.) Among the recipients, the American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE) was selected to... Read more →

Solvay and Carester to form strategic partnership in rare earth permanent magnets value chain

Solvay and Carester signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to form a strategic partnership aimed at leveraging the expertise of both companies to pursue manufacturing opportunities within the rare earth industry for the permanent magnets value chain in Europe. The collaboration will enable both companies to enhance their respective strengths... Read more →

ABI Research: EV battery recycling industry faces challenge as input supply reaches only a quarter of capacity by 2030

Heavy investment from the private sector and the US government has led to plans for battery recycling outpacing demand. According to new research from global technology intelligence firm ABI Research, US Electric Vehicle (EV) battery recycling plants plan to have the capacity to recycle 1.3 million EV-equivalents of batteries annually,... Read more →

ReElement Technologies partners with EDP Renewables on rare earth magnet recycling

American Resources Corporation’s wholly owned subsidiary, ReElement Technologies Corporation,a provider of high-performance refining capacity of rare earth and critical battery elements, announced a partnership with EDP Renewables North America to advance sustainable practices in the wind energy sector through the EDPR NA’s newly launched Close the Loop Program. The focus... Read more →

Glencore makes $75M investment in Li-Cycle

Li-Cycle Holdings entered into an agreement to issue a senior secured convertible note in an aggregate principal amount of $75 million to an affiliate of Glencore, a leading producer, recycler, and marketer of nickel and cobalt for the production of lithium-ion batteries. This financing enhances Li-Cycle and Glencore’s existing long-term,... Read more →

Kraiburg TPE introduces range of thermoplastic elastomer products with at least 73% recycled content for automotive market

Kraiburg TPE recently released a new range of thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) products that contain at least 73% recycled content. The new Recycling Content TPE for Automotive series has been designed to fulfill a variety of technical applications. Kraiburg TPE also announced an agreement with Tessi Supply, which will use the... Read more →

USA Rare Earth enters into supply agreement with ReElement Technologies for high-purity rare-earth oxides

USA Rare Earth, LLC, a vertically integrated magnet technology company (earlier post), announced that it signed a supply agreement with American Resources Corporation’s ReElement Technologies Corporation (ReElement). Through this agreement, ReElement will supply high-purity rare earth oxides (REOs) to USARE for use at the company’s metal and magnet manufacturing facility... Read more →

DOE launches prize to recycle critical materials from electronic scrap

The US Department of Energy (DOE) launched the Electronics Scrap Recycling Advancement Prize (E-SCRAP), which will award up to $4 million to competitors to increase substantially the production and use of critical materials recovered from electronic scrap (e-scrap). E-scrap—which includes mobile phones, home appliances, medical or office equipment, and anything... Read more →

24M announced its latest innovation in the 24M battery technology set: Liforever. Unique to the 24M SemiSolid battery manufacturing platform, Liforever is a direct material recycling methodology for EV and ESS batteries. Liforever reduces the environmental impact of lithium-ion batteries by making it efficient and cost-effective to recover and reuse... Read more →

Altilium partners with Nissan in UK EV battery recycling project

Altilium will work with Nissan on a project to improve the sustainability of EV batteries manufactured in the UK, using advanced recycling technologies to lower the carbon footprint of new batteries and reduce reliance on imported raw materials. The work is part of a £30-million collaborative project announced by the... Read more →

Rice team uses flash Joule heating to convert waste glass fiber-reinforced plastic into silicon carbide

Researchers in Rice University’s Tour Lab have used flash Joule Heating (earlier post) to transform waste glass fiber-reinforced plastic (GFRP) into silicon carbide. A paper on the work is publishedin the journal Nature Sustainability. Glass fiber-reinforced plastic (GFRP) is widely used in everything from aircraft parts to windmill blades. Yet... Read more →

Cyclic Materials announces capacity to recycle wind turbine generators and MRI machines for rare earth elements

Cyclic Materials, an advanced metals recycling company building a circular supply chain for rare earth elements and other critical metals, has expanded its operations to accept two new feedstock streams: wind turbine generators and MRI machines. Through its strong partnership network, Cyclic has already sourced 37 MW capacity of wind... Read more →

Constellium to lead Close the Loop project to accelerate automotive aluminum circularity

Constellium SE is leading a new R&D initiative called “Close the Loop” in partnership with an ecosystem of recycling companies in France, including INDRA (automotive recycling), GALLOO (metal recycling) and MTB RECYCLING (metal shredding & sorting). Funded in part by the French Environmental Agency ADEME under the France 2030 program,... Read more →

Ecobat to recycle EV batteries for Volkswagen Group UK

Volkswagen Group United Kingdom Ltd. (VWG UK) has signed an agreement with Ecobat to collect and recycle electric vehicle (EV) batteries. Ecobat has a relationship with VWG UK dating back to 2014 when it started collecting lead acid batteries for TPS, the Volkswagen Group Genuine Parts provider to the independent... Read more →

In an open-access paper in the journal ChemSusChem, a team at Penn State reports using cold sintering to reprocess solid-state composite electrolytes—specifically Mg- and Sr-doped Li7La3Zr2O12 with polypropylene carbonate (PPC) and lithium perchlorate (LLZO–PPC–LiClO4). The low sintering temperature allows co-sintering of ceramics, polymers and lithium salts, leading to re-densification of... Read more →

Researchers at McGill University have developed a sustainable and cost-effective neodymium (Nd) extraction technology from electronic waste using a carboxylate functionalized nanocellulose (CFNC). An open-access paper on their work is published in the RSC journal Green Chemistry. We demonstrate a solution-processed synthesis of CFNC from a cost-effective, readily available cellulose... Read more →

Ascend Elements raises additional $162M to produce sustainable Li-ion battery electrode materials in US

In a follow up to one of last year’s largest cleantech private equity placements, Ascend Elements raised $162 million in new equity investments. Major investors include Just Climate, Clearvision Ventures, and IRONGREY. The new equity financing brings the company’s 12-month funding total to $704 million, including the $542 million funding... Read more →

SQM Lithium Ventures completes Altilium’s US$12M Series A with $9.43M follow-on investment

SQM Lithium Ventures announced a follow-on investment of US$9.43 million in Altilium, a UK-based clean technology group focused on supporting the energy transition to net zero (earlier post), bringing Altilium’s total investment to US$12 million. The investment completes Altilium’s Series A funding round and marks the largest investment to date... Read more →

Researchers develop method for selective recovery of lithium from spent lithium iron phosphate batteries

A team from the Beijing University of Chemical Technology has used a formic acid–hydrogen peroxide system for the efficient selective leaching of lithium ions from spent lithium iron phophate batteries. A paper on their process is published in thr Journal of Power Sources. With rapid technology development and the support... Read more →

Researchers at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) have demonstrated a simple, new, and effective way to separate metal ions from a simulated battery electrode mixture. Their process relies on fundamental chemical principles and requires no specialty chemicals, binding agents, membranes, or toxic solvents. Instead, it uses a common gel loaded... Read more →

Altilium, a UK-based clean technology group focused on supporting the transition to net zero, and SYNETIQ, the UK’s leading vehicle salvage, dismantling and recycling specialist, announced a new commercial collaboration which will see the two companies working together to recycle the growing number of EV batteries from cars that have... Read more →

Researchers at the Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory have designed a closed-loop path for synthesizing an exceptionally tough carbon-fiber-reinforced polymer (CFRP) and later recovering all of its starting materials. A lightweight, strong and tough composite material, CFRP is useful for reducing weight and increasing fuel efficiency of automobiles,... Read more →

Li-Cycle receives approval for €6.4M grant from Saxony-Anhalt for lithium-ion battery recycling facility

Li-Cycle Germany GmbH, a subsidiary of Li-Cycle Holdings Corp., a global lithium-ion battery resource recovery company, has received approval from the State of Saxony-Anhalt for a grant of up to €6.4 million for its lithium-ion battery Spoke recycling facility, located in Sülzetal, Saxony-Anhalt, as part of the “Improving the Regional... Read more →

The US Department of Energy (DOE) announced up to $30 million in funding to develop innovative solutions that support the creation of a circular electric vehicle (EV) battery supply chain. (DE-FOA-0003303) Funded by DOE’s Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy (ARPA-E), the Catalyzing Innovative Research for Circular Use of Long-lived Advanced Rechargeables... Read more →

Iveco Group chooses BASF as first recycling partner for electric vehicle batteries

Iveco Group has selected BASF (FWB: BAS), the world’s leading chemical company and biggest chemical supplier for the automotive industry, as its first partner to provide a recycling solution for the lithium-ion batteries of the Group’s electric vehicles. This decision is part of Iveco Group’s circular economy strategy which follows... Read more →

Northvolt raises $5B to enable expansion of circular gigafactory

Batterymaker Northvolt has signed a $5-billion non-recourse project financing to enable the expansion of Northvolt Ett in northern Sweden. The deal represents the largest green loan raised in Europe to date. In addition to the expansion of Northvolt Ett’s cathode production and cell manufacturing, the finance package will enable the... Read more →

Lifezone Metals completes funding for Phase 1 platinum, palladium and rhodium recycling joint venture with Glencore

Lifezone Metals announced the completion of funding for Phase 1 of a joint venture with a wholly owned subsidiary of Glencore plc for a platinum, palladium and rhodium (collectively platinum group metals or PGMs) recycling project which will utilize Lifezone Metals’ hydrometallurgical technology. (Earlier post.) Phase 1 of the joint... Read more →

ACE Green Recycling (ACE) (earlier post) has successfully delivered the first of three phases of its proprietary zero-emissions modular lead battery recycling technology to ACME Metal Enterprise’s facility in Keelung City, Taiwan. As part of the agreement, ACE will provide equipment and proprietary chemicals to enable ACME to produce “GreenLead”... Read more →

RecycLiCo’s recycled battery-grade lithium carbonate successfully tested in LFP battery

RecycLiCo Battery Materials announced that the company’s recycled lithium carbonate, from lithium-ion battery waste, has passed a comprehensive suite of tests conducted by a battery materials company in Asia. RecycLiCo’s lithium carbonate, contained in a Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) battery, was subjected to several industry-standard tests, including LFP fabrication and... Read more →

BASF and Stena Recycling partner in recycling of EV battery black mass in Europe

BASF, a global battery materials producer and battery recycler, and Stena Recycling, one of Europe´s leading recycling companies, offering comprehensive solutions in recycling and circular services, have entered into a black mass purchase agreement. This agreement is part of a broader collaboration envisaged by BASF and Stena Recycling with the... Read more →

A team from Sogang University and DGIST (Daegu Gyeongbuk Institute of Science and Technology) in S. Korea have developed a catalytic strategy designed to overcome the energy and environmental challenges associated with metallurgical processes for recycling spent Li-ion batteries. A paper on the work is published in the Journal of... Read more →

Bekaert delivers first batch of tire reinforcement with third-party certified recycled steel content to Bridgestone

Steel wire company Bekaert has delivered the first batches of third-party certified recycled steel to Bridgestone Corporation. Bekaert said that the successful pilot is the first step toward setting a new industry standard for recycled content in tire reinforcement, and to making certified tire reinforcement with high recycled content available... Read more →

Researchers at the University of Bath and University of Surrey have developed a way of introducing degradable bonds into thermoset polymers to make them more easily recyclable. An open-access paper on their work is published in the RSC journal Polymer Chemistry. The team made a series of polymer gels with... Read more →

Researchers at the Technische Universität Braunschweig and colleagues have developed a solvent-based direct recycling route for anode and cathode coating materials that allows direct reuse of the recovered coating materials. A high yield of recovery is achieved by mechanical stress in a suitable solvent (96 % for anodes, 85 %... Read more →

DOE to award $37M to reduce EV battery recycling costs

The Department of Energy (DOE) announced $37 million in funding (DE-FOA-0003120) to reduce costs associated with recycling electric vehicle (EV) batteries. This funding opportunity is the second phase of $200 million in total provided by the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law for electric drive vehicle battery recycling and second life applications. Through... Read more →

Lifezone Metals signed a term sheet with a subsidiary of Glencore plc for the two-phased implementation of a recycling joint venture to recover platinum, palladium and rhodium (collectively platinum group metals or PGMs) from spent automotive catalytic converters. The joint venture will be domiciled in the US. The goal of... Read more →

Researchers in China are proposing a paired electrolysis process for the more efficient recovery of spent lithium cobalt oxide (LiCoO2) and lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) electrode materials. Their work is presented in an open-access paper in the RSC journal Green Chemistry. There are three typical methods for recovery of spent... Read more →

KIT researchers and industry partners developing a direct recycling process for Li-ion batteries

Researchers of Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) and industry partners have launched a collaboration to develop a more efficient direct recycling process for spent batteries, by means of which the active components are recovered while maintaining their functionality. The project is funded by the German Federal Research Ministry with approximately... Read more →

RecycLiCo approved by Taiwan for battery recycling joint venture with Zenith Chemical

RecycLiCo Battery Materials recently received investment approval from the Taiwan Department of Investment Review for its 50/50 joint venture with Zenith Chemical Corporation. The joint venture company, named Recyclico Zenith Battery Materials Technology Co., solidifies a significant partnership in the company’s expansion within the Asian market. RecycLiCo has committed to... Read more →

The Belgian Provincial Institute of Hygiene (PIH) announced the results of six-monthly blood lead measurements among children living near the Umicore metals recycling site in Hoboken, Belgium. Until earlier this year, the blood tests were carried out on children living in the adjacent neighborhoods of Moretusburg and Hertogvelden. Now for... Read more →

Toyota Motor North America (Toyota) is expanding its battery recycling network with a new collaboration with Cirba Solutions, a battery recycling materials and management company. The agreement enhances Toyota and Cirba Solutions’ growing relationship by expanding Toyota’s battery recycling network and optimizing its logistics network for end-of-life electrified vehicle battery... Read more →