DOE issues battery manufacturing Lab Call for solid-state and flow battery manufacturing

The US Department of Energy (DOE) announced partnering opportunities for industry to work with National Laboratories on manufacturing scale-up and associated verification and validation for flow batteries and solid-state lithium batteries. (DE-LC-0000027.0001) Topic 1. Developing Innovative Solid-State Battery Manufacturing Capabilities: All Topic 1 projects require a cost share of at... Read more →

Factorial, a developer of solid-state battery technology for electric vehicle (EV) applications, has received the UN 38.3 safety certification for its large format automotive solid-state batteries. This makes Factorial the first Li-metal solid-state battery maker to successfully receive certification that covers 100+Ah cell. The UN 38.3 standard is a globally... Read more →

Taiwan-based ProLogium has chosen France as the location for its first large-scale solid-state battery manufacturing facility outside of Taiwan. ProLogium will invest a total of €5.2 billion to set up a 48 GWh gigafactory and an R&D center. This major investment project aims to facilitate supply chain localization, R&D activities,... Read more →

Researchers led by a team at Temple University have developed a soft solid electrolyte—(Adpn)2LiPF6 (Adpn, adiponitrile)—that exhibits high thermal and electrochemical stability and good ionic conductivity, overcoming several limitations of conventional organic and ceramic materials. A paper on their work is published in Nature Materials. Adiponitrile is an organic compound... Read more →

The Fraunhofer Institute for Material and Beam Technology IWS in Dresden is leading a research project targeting a new generation of sulfur-based batteries. The focus of the research project “MaSSiF – Material Innovations for Solid-State Sulfur-Silicon Batteries” is the design, construction and evaluation of lightweight and low-cost sulfur-based prototype cells... Read more →

DOE issues $16M lab call to strengthen domestic capabilities in solid-state and flow battery manufacturing

The US Department of Energy (DOE) issued a $16-million lab call (DE-LC-0000027) for proposals to strengthen domestic capabilities in solid-state and flow battery manufacturing. The lab call requires collaboration between DOE National Laboratories and industry partners to accelerate the path from innovation to battery manufacturing scale-up and commercialization. Solid-state lithium... Read more →

Mullen Automotive, an emerging EV manufacturer, has integrated solid-state polymer battery technology into Mullen’s commercial Class 1 EV cargo van program. Currently, the Mullen Class 1 EV cargo van features a 46 kWh lithium-ion battery pack with a 110-mile range. It is expected that the solid-state polymer technology will deliver... Read more →

Solid oxide fuel cells (SOFCs) offer high energy efficiency and fuel flexibility, but require high operating temperatures. Although lowering the operating temperature of SOFCs can minimize material degradation and enable the use of less expensive materials, both electrolyte and electrode resistances increase exponentially with decreasing operation temperature. Now, researchers at... Read more →

Researchers propose approach for recycling all-solid-state Li-ion batteries

A team from Technische Universität Darmstadt, Universität Stuttgart, Justus Liebig Universität Gießen, and Universität des Saarlandes have developed a two-step recycling approach using citric acid as the leaching agent to separate and recover the individual components of an all-solid state Li-ion battery cell comprising a Li4Ti5O12 (LTO) anode, Li6.5La3Zr1.5Ta0.5O12 (LLZTO)... Read more →

Umicore and Blue Current, a manufacturer of silicon elastic composite solid-state batteries, have agreed to strengthen their collaboration on the development of solid-state battery technology, with Umicore investing a minority stake in the US-based start-up. This investment complements the joint development agreement (JDA) whereby both parties were able to integrate... Read more →

Researchers from the Korea Electrotechnology Research Institute (KERI) and Kumoh National Institute of Technology (KIT), have developed a low-cost production technology for silicon disulfide (SiS2) for solid-state electrolytes (argyrodite-type) that has potential to accelerate the commercialization of all-solid-state batteries (ASSBs). The team’s findings from the silicon disulfide study were published... Read more →

Following months of promising test results, battery researchers at the Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory are recommending that the solid-state battery industry focus on a technique known as isostatic pressing as it looks to commercialize next-generation solid-state batteries. In an open-access focus review paper for ACS Energy Letters,... Read more →

Researchers at the Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT) and US Department of Energy’s (DOE) Argonne National Laboratory have developed a lithium-air battery with a solid electrolyte. The battery is rechargeable for 1000 cycles with a low polarization gap and can operate at high rates. A paper on their work is... Read more →

Solid-state battery electrolytes need to be able to transport lithium ions rapidly. This can be achieved by developing a percolating pathway in the solid electrolyte or by increasing the mobility of the carrier ions. However, standard design methods have limited the selection of dopants and complicated the synthesis. Now, researchers... Read more →

SOLiTHOR and Sonaca partner to advance the electrification of regional aircraft and urban air mobility; solid-state Li batteries

Belgian solid-state Lithium battery technology company SOLiTHOR and aerospace company Sonaca signed a bilateral Memorandum of Agreement jointly to develop safe, high-density rechargeable solid-state Lithium battery systems for Regional Aircraft and Urban Air Mobility. This partnership will also expand to satellite systems as well as defense systems. This alliance will... Read more →

Solid-state battery startup QuantumScape, which successfully shipped its first 24-layer prototype A0 lithium-metal battery cells to automotive OEMs for testing in December (earlier post), says that one of its main goals this year is to increase cathode capacity loading to ~5 mAh/cm2. QuantumScape believes that its anode-free lithium-metal design provides... Read more →

Researchers develop room-temp 1,000+ cycle rechargeable solid-state lithium-air battery

Researchers from the Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT), Argonne National Laboratory, and the University of Illinois at Chicago have developed a room-temperature solid-state lithium-air battery that is rechargeable for 1,000 cycles with a low polarization gap and can operate at high rates. The composite polymer-ceramic solid-state electrolyte enables a four-electron... Read more →

Lithium metal batteries with solid electrolytes are lightweight, inflammable, pack a lot of energy, and can be recharged very quickly, but they have been slow to develop due to mysterious short circuiting and failure. Researchers at Stanford University and SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory now report that the root cause of... Read more →

With the keel laying, construction has begun at Next Generation Shipyards in the Netherlands of Neo Orbis, a 20m fuel-cell hybrid port vessel using sodium borohydride as a solid-state hydrogen storage medium. The pilot project is being executed in collaboration with H2Ships, Port of Amsterdam, TU Delft Fuel (the inventor... Read more →

Solid-state battery company Ilika Technologies is leading a 24-month, £8-million (US$9.9-million) Faraday Battery Challenge collaboration project. The HISTORY (HIgh Silicon content anOdes for a solid-state batteRY) project will start on 1 February 2023 and focus on integrating high silicon content electrodes into Ilika’s Goliath SSB (solid state battery) for electric... Read more →

Sakuú selects Porsche Consulting for design of commercial-scale battery manufacturing plants

Sakuú, the developer of 3D-printed Swift Print solid-state battery technology (earlier post), has selected Porsche Consulting, a subsidiary of the automotive manufacturer Porsche, to lead all aspects of design for its planned global gigafactories. The relationship will ensure that Sakuú has expertise secured for building gigafactories to meet its 2030... Read more →

Under an expanded Joint Development Agreement, BMW Group and Solid Power have added a research and development license as a basis for their common next steps. This license enables BMW to establish an all solid-state battery (ASSB) prototype line in its Cell Manufacturing Competence Center (CMCC) in Parsdorf near Munich.... Read more →

A group of researchers from China and Japan has identified a key inhibitor to hydrogen desorption in magnesium hydride (MgH2) solid-state hydrogen storage materials. Details of their findings were published in the Journal of Materials Chemistry A. Currently, hydrogen is stored by three methods: high-pressure gaseous hydrogen storage; low-temperature liquid... Read more →

ION Storage Systems to partner with U Maryland on $4.8M ARPA-E EVs4ALL award

ION Storage Systems Inc. (ION) will participate in the Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy (ARPA-E) EVs4ALL program as part of a $­4.8-million grant awarded to the University of Maryland (UMD). (Earlier post.) ARPA-E’s EVs4ALL program seeks to increase EV adoption and market share by developing next-generation battery technologies to significantly improve... Read more →

Factorial, a developer of next-generation solid-state battery cells for electric vehicles, previewed a 100 Ah battery cell at CES 2023 in the Stellantis exhibition space. Developed as part of Factorial and Stellantis’ joint development agreement announced in November 2021, this cell results from the two companies’ continued collaboration to bring... Read more →

Si-based composite anodes for solid-state Li-ion batteries

Researchers at La Sapienza in Rome are proposing silicon-based anodes, composed of micrometric Si, graphite (MAG), LiI-Li3PS4 solid electrolyte (LPSI), and carbon nanofiber (CNF), which can be prepared by straightforward manual grinding. A paper on their work is published in ChemSusChem. The mixture design approach allows the discrimination of the... Read more →

QuantumScape ships first 24-layer prototype Li-metal solid-state battery cells to automotive OEMs

QuantumScape Corporation has shipped its first 24-layer prototype lithium-metal battery cells to automotive OEMs for testing. Delivery of these cells, referred to as A0 samples, was the company’s key public milestone for the year, and achieving this goal represents an important step toward the commercialization of this technology, the company... Read more →

Solid Power and BMW deepen joint development partnership with license to cell design and manufacturing know-how

Solid Power, a developer of all-solid-state battery and sulfide-based electrolyte technology, has deepened its partnership with the BMW Group. (Earlier post.) Under an expanded Joint Development Agreement, Solid Power has granted the BMW Group a research and development license to Solid Power’s all-solid-state cell design and manufacturing know-how. The broadened... Read more →

Solid-state sodium-ion battery company LiNa Energy (earlier post) successfully completed an independent demonstration of its lithium-free sodium batteries for energy storage systems with commercial partner ion Ventures. The test was performed independently at HORIBA MIRA and was funded via support from the UK’s Department for Business, Energy, and Industrial Strategy... Read more →

MIT researchers led by MIT Professor and colleagues at Brown University have developed an approach to controlling dendrite propagation in solid-state batteries. A paper on their work is published in the journal Joule. MIT Professor Yet-Ming Chiang, the corresponding author of the paper, says in the group’s earlier work, they... Read more →

Sakuu, the developer of Swift Print solid-state battery technology (earlier post), entered into a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with LiCAP Technologies, a provider of sustainable and scalable electrode coating solutions. Under the MOU, the two companies will partner to establish best practices for end-to-end development and the reliable commercial supply... Read more →

Solid-state sodium-ion battery company LiNa Energy has closed out a £3-million (US$3.4-million) late seed funding round, primarily from existing investors. (Earlier post.) This funding will accelerate the path to commercialization through developing a next-generation electrolyte, automating manual processes to assemble more cells, and perform pre-FEED studies ahead of investing in... Read more →

NGK to provide Sakuu with ceramic battery materials for 3D-printed solid-state batteries

Sakuu, developer of the first 3D printed solid-state battery (earlier post), entered into a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Japan’s NGK Spark Plugs CO., LTD. (NGK), a global leader in electrochemical materials and a tier-one industrial automotive supplier. Under the MOU, NGK will co-develop and provide ceramic materials for Sakuu’s... Read more →

Adden Energy launches with technology license from Harvard to scale solid-state battery technology for EVs

Adden Energy, Inc., a startup developing innovative solid-state battery systems for use in future electric vehicles (EVs) that would fully charge in minutes, announced the grant of an exclusive technology license by Harvard University’s Office of Technology Development (OTD) and a seed round financing of $5.15 million. Primavera Capital Group... Read more →

ORNL to lead new EFRC focused on polymer electrolytes for energy storage

The Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory has been selected to lead an Energy Frontier Research Center (EFRC) focused on polymer electrolytes for next-generation energy storage devices such as fuel cells and solid-state electric vehicle batteries. Announced recently by US Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm, the award will provide $11.5... Read more →

Factorial Energy to open new solid-state EV battery development and manufacturing facility in Methuen, MA

Factorial Energy, a developer of solid-state battery technology for electric vehicle (EV) applications, will establish a new advanced manufacturing facility in the Boston suburb of Methuen, Mass. The new facility will produce Factorial’s new solid-state battery cell technology for EVs. The new production site was recently secured by Factorial with... Read more →

A team led by researchers from Central South University (Changsha, Hunan, China) has proposed a cathode-electrolyte integration strategy to produce a solid-state lithium-metal battery with enhanced cycle stability. A paper on their work is published in the Journal of Power Sources. Solid-state lithium-metal batteries have many appealing properties, such as... Read more →

QuantumScape builds prototype 24-layer cells; A-sample candidates

In its Q2 letter to shareholders, solid-state battery company QuantumScape reported successfully building and testing ts first prototype 24-layer cells. The 24-layer cells show similar early capacity retention behavior to the company’s earlier single-, four-, 10- and 16-layer cells. This is an important result because, as we have previously indicated,... Read more →

Solid-state batteries could reduce the carbon footprint of electric vehicle batteries by up to 39%, according to a study commissioned by European environmental NGO Transport & Environment (T&E) from Minviro, a company specializing in raw material life-cycle analysis, which compared emerging solid-state technology to current battery chemistries. Solid state technology... Read more →

VinFast, through a company in Vingroup, announced an investment in the tens of millions of US dollars in ProLogium (earlier post), a manufacturer of solid-state batteries. VinFast also entered into a Memorandum of Understanding with ProLogium setting out strategic cooperation arrangements to secure next-generation solid-state battery supplies and support the... Read more →

Nikkei study finds Toyota with huge lead in solid-state battery patents

Nikkei partnered with Tokyo research company Patent Result to analyze solid-state battery patent applications submitted to the World Intellectual Property Organization and another group. The study looked at applications turned in between 2000 through the end of March from 10 countries and territories. The study found that Toyota Motor is... Read more →

Umicore and Idemitsu partner to develop high-performance catholyte materials for solid-state batteries

Umicore and Idemitsu Kosan Co., Ltd have agreed to develop jointly high-performance catholyte materials for solid-state batteries, combining their respective expertise in cathode active materials (CAM) and solid electrolytes, and aiming to provide the technological breakthrough to extend the driving range and thereby propel e-mobility. Catholytes combine cathode active materials... Read more →

Researchers at Beijing University of Technology have developed a thin free-standing composite solid electrolyte (CSE) film for solid-state lithium metal batteries. The film offers high ionic conductivity (2.76×10-4 S/cm at 25 °C) and wide electrochemical stability window (4.8 V vs. Li+/Li). In an open-access paper published in the RSC journal... Read more →

Basque solid-state battery initiative launches

Newly created Basquevolt, the Basque solid-state battery initiative, will begin production of battery cells in 2027 with the aim of reaching 10GWh capacity. Basquevolt founding shareholders include the Basque Government, through the venture capital fund Ezten, Iberdrola, CIE Automotive, Enagás, EIT InnoEnergy and CIC energiGUNE. Basquevolt is supported by an... Read more →

A team from MIT has developed a new approach to fabricating oxide-based solid-state electrolytes that are comparable in thickness to the polymer separators found in current Li-ion batteries without sintering: sequential decomposition synthesis (SDS). An open-access paper describing the approach and its application to processing Li garnets is published in... Read more →

Solid Power, a developer of all-solid-state battery cells for electric vehicles, has completed installation of its pilot production line—dubbed the “EV cell pilot line”—which is designed to produce EV-scale solid-state cells. Solid Power intends to produce Silicon EV Cells for internal testing before delivering cells to its automotive partners BMW... Read more →

LOTTE Chemical and Soelect sign MOU for JV, GWh-grade Li-metal anode production facility

Korea-based LOTTE Chemical and US-based solid-state battery component startup Soelect recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding to review the creation of a joint venture and the construction of a US$200-million GWh-grade lithium metal anode production facility in the United States by 2025. Soelect’s LiX lithium metal anode enables fast charge... Read more →

Researchers use sodium to deliver low-cost MgSi alloys for solid-state hydrogen storage

Researchers at the University of Queensland have show that a low-cost Mg-based hydrogen storage alloy is possible with only 1 wt% Si. A high hydrogen capacity of 6.72 wt% hydrogen is achieved via trace sodium (Na) addition. A paper on their work is published in the Journal of Power Sources.... Read more →

Nissan unveiled its prototype production facility for laminated all-solid-state battery (ASSB) cells, which the company aims to bring to market in 2028. This prototype facility, within the Nissan Research Center in Kanagawa Prefecture, is aimed to further promote the development of all-solid-state-batteries. Nissan ASSB creation process in Oppama Research Center... Read more →

Blackstone Technology GmbH may begin commercialization of 3D-printed solid-state sodium-ion batteries as early as 2025. Blackstone, together with a German industry and research consortium, will take the validated laboratory results of the 3D-printed solid-state batteries to the stage of demonstration in a real environment within the next three years. The... Read more →