Germany-based international consultancy Rolad Berger had launched a new publication—the “Automotive Disruption Radar”—to monitor the radical transformation of the automotive industry being driven by four concurrent megatrends: mobility services, autonomous driving, digitalization and electrification (MADE). The Radar analyzes the transformation via 25 selected indicators in five dimensions: Customer interest (e.g.... Read more →

Dalia Research: Globally, 40% would consider an EV, but held back by logistics

Worldwide, 40% of those planning to buy a car within the next five years say they are likely to buy all-electric (even though not all of them would be able to afford one at foreseeable price points), according to findings from Dalia Research’s global mobility study. The percentage is higher... Read more →

Advancements such as connectivity, big data, autonomous vehicles and artificial intelligence are driving new economic models for automakers, and most see tremendous revenue potential and consumer value in leveraging driver and vehicle data to offer mobility services, according to the 2017 KPMG Global Automotive Executive Study. The KPMG research, which... Read more →

In August, Berlin-based Dalia Research conducted an EU-wide survey to find out the demand for electric vehicles (EV) among Europeans. The results show that 58% of Europeans would consider purchasing an electric vehicle. Approximately 1% of respondents say they already own one, matching the current estimate of electric vehicle sales... Read more →

Major automotive suppliers see national fuel economy standards as important for long-term planning and investment and don’t want to see them altered by US policymakers, according to a first-of-its-kind industry survey commissioned by CALSTART and conducted by Ricardo Energy & Environment. The firm polled and interviewed 23 suppliers, almost all... Read more →

Survey: Fuel efficiency top criterion for US buyers regardless of size of vehicle; good news for start-stop

American consumers are strongly influenced by fuel efficiency and the price of gas when purchasing a vehicle, according to a new survey conducted by the Opinion Research Corporation on behalf of Johnson Controls. Of the 1,006 people surveyed, fuel efficiency (57%) is top of mind for consumers when they go... Read more →

NREL releases study on public sentiments on PEVs

NREL has released a new report presenting the findings of a study on the public’s sentiments regarding plug-in vehicles (PEVs), with a focus on vehicle purchasing behaviors, awareness, and barriers to acceptance. Conducted in February 2015, the study—“Consumer Views on Plug-in Electric Vehicles-National Benchmark Report”—covered a 1,015-household sample designed to... Read more →

IBM study finds consumers very interested in alternative ownership models for cars, self-enabling vehicles

Consumers expect to use cars differently—showing particular interest in self-enabling vehicles—though they don’t necessarily want to own one in the traditional sense, according to the results of IBM’s automotive consumer study, presented at the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) in Detroit. This presents opportunities for automakers to apply analytics... Read more →

2015 Harris Poll finds 48% of US car owners would consider hybrid for new car, same as in 2013; plug-in consideration up 2 points

A new Harris Poll of 2,225 US adults (aged 18 and older) has found that 48% of American car owners (or anticipated owners) say they’d consider a traditional hybrid the next time they’re in the market for a new vehicle—a result identical to 2013 findings. Harris recorded lower consideration levels... Read more →

Ipsos poll finds 64% of Canadians would consider buying or leasing fuel cell vehicle if available

Eight in ten (80%) Canadians “agree” (33% strongly/48% somewhat) that “electric cars are the way of the future”, according to a new Ipsos poll conducted on behalf of Hyundai. Just two in ten (20%) “disagree” (3% strongly/17% somewhat). Three quarters (75%) of Canadians “agree” (32% strongly/44% somewhat) that they would... Read more →

New work by a team at Simon Fraser University (SFU) in Canada has found that more than one-third of Canadian buyers want a plug-in vehicle (PEV), with the majority of those (89—93%) wanting a plug-in hybrid rather than a pure electric vehicle. However, less than 1% of vehicle sales in... Read more →

Researchers at University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute (UMTRI) have found little movement over the past year in motorists’ attitudes toward the prospect of autonomous vehicles. A new survey of 505 licensed drivers in the US found that the most frequent preference (43.8%) for vehicle automation was for no self-driving... Read more →

Expanded UMTRI study finds self-driving vehicles generate enthusiasm, concerns worldwide; interest highest in China and India

Despite safety concerns about equipment failure, a majority of drivers on three continents have high expectations for autonomous vehicles. Building on an earlier study on public opinion regarding self-driving vehicles in the US, Great Britain and Australia (earlier post), Brandon Schoettle and Michael Sivak of the University of Michigan Transportation... Read more →

Ratings of buyer satisfaction with the new vehicle purchase experience by phase of the purchase process from 2013 SSI buyer index scores. Source: ICCT. Click to enlarge. A study by researchers at the Institute of Transportation Studies, UC Davis finds that buyers of plug-in vehicles (PEVs) are substantially less satisfied... Read more →

The study shows that home charging is dominant. Data: PlugInsights. Click to enlarge. Electric vehicle software and information services company Recargo Inc., has launched a plug-in vehicle (PEV) research firm—PlugInsights—which released an inaugural report addressing the experiences, behaviors and opinions around charging a plug-in vehicle in America. The sample for... Read more →

UMTRI survey explores receptivity of drivers to on-board carbon capture technology

Researchers at the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute (UMTRI) recently conducted an online survey of driver option to determine how receptive drivers would be to adopting—and how much they might pay for—in-vehicle technology that reduce carbon emissions. The driver survey is the team’s second study on this topic; the... Read more →

Biggest investments in powertrain technologies over next five years. Source: KPMG. Click to enlarge. Global auto executives have cooled a bit on the prospects for e-mobility, with a majority of automakers from both developed and emerging markets believing that internal combustion engines (ICE) will remain the dominant powertrain for some... Read more →

Harris Interactive survey for Johnson Controls identifies consumer preferences for connected vehicles

According to a recent online survey conducted for Johnson Controls by Harris Interactive, US vehicle owners want to use their phones and existing apps to safely connect in their vehicles. Consumers want this process to be simple to use and for it to be convenient to download apps from traditional... Read more →

Ford poll finds Europeans want freedom of car ownership, but worry about traffic, cost of driving, environment

A new Ford Motor Company-sponsored poll of 6,000 people across Europe found that most Europeans remain committed to car ownership, but have growing concerns about traffic congestion, the cost of driving and the environment. Ford commissioned the survey, conducted by the consultancy The Futures Company, to better understand the opinions... Read more →

US consumer interest in PEVs, 2012. Source: Pike Research. Click to enlarge. A new Pike Research survey assessing US consumer demand, preferences, and price sensitivity for plug-in electric vehicles (PEVs) and electric vehicle charging equipment (EVCE) has found a decline in the fundamental interest in PEVs among survey participants between... Read more →

J.D. Power and Associates study finds EPA emission-compliant heavy-duty engines yielding increase in engine problems, decline in satisfaction

Technology changes related to revised emissions standards for heavy-duty trucks are causing an increase in heavy-duty truck engine problems and a decrease in overall satisfaction with the powertrain, according to the JD Power and Associates 2012 US Heavy-Duty Truck Engine and Transmission Study. Now in its 16th year, the study... Read more →

Harris Poll: 23% of US car owners say more interested in purchasing a hybrid than one year ago

Twenty-three percent of US car owners say that their interest in purchasing a hybrid vehicle has increased from a year ago, according to a new Harris Poll. 32% say they are interested and that their interest has not changed over the past year. However, even as new car buyers look... Read more →

The Pew survey found a 10 percentage point shift in favor of expanded fossil fuel production from March 2011 to March 2012. Data: Pew Research Center. Click to enlarge. As fuel prices rise, a new Pew Research Center survey has found that 52% of Americans now say the more important... Read more →

Percentage of consumers having extremely or very favorable views of 13 clean energy technologies, 2009-2011. Data: Pike Research. Click to enlarge. According to a new survey from Pike Research, general consumer support for clean energy concepts—ranging from renewable energy to alternative fuel vehicles to smart grid technologies—has eroded in the... Read more →

Deloitte suggests Gen Y’s embrace of hybrid vehicles may be auto market’s tipping point

Gen Y’s strong affinity for hybrid vehicles could make it the “generation that leads us away from traditional gasoline-powered vehicles,” reports Craig Giffi, vice chairman and automotive practice leader at Deloitte LLP, after seeing the results of Deloitte’s annual survey of consumers and what they want in an automobile. (Deloitte... Read more →

KPMG survey: global auto execs expect slow growth in electrified vehicle sales; intensified investment coming in the face of current modest demand

Despite continued heavy investment by automakers in electric propulsion technologies, 65% of global automotive executives don’t expect sales of electrified vehicles (from full-hybrids to fuel cell electric vehicles) to exceed 15% of annual global auto sales before 2025, according to the 13th annual global automotive survey conducted by KPMG LLP,... Read more →

Pike Research survey finds strong fundamental US consumer interest in EVs; price remains a significant barrier

To assess consumer demand, preferences, and price sensitivity for plug-in electric vehicles (PEVs) and electric vehicle charging infrastructure, Pike Research conducted a web-based survey of 1,051 US consumers in the fall of 2011 using a nationally representative and demographically balanced sample. The survey found that, based on Americans’ driving and... Read more →

The Deloitte survey found global consumer interest in EVs is high. Click to enlarge. Consumers’ expectations around the performance and purchase price of electric vehicles are so divergent from the actual offerings available today, that no more than 2–4% of consumers worldwide would have their expectations met, according to a... Read more →

Other environmental concerns have pushed ahead of climate change on a global average basis. Source: Nielsen. Click to enlarge. Concern about climate change/global warming among online consumers around the world took a back-seat to other environmental issues such as air and water pollution, water shortages, packaging waste and use of... Read more →

The US ITS market is sized at $48 billion in this new report. Source: ITS America. Click to enlarge. A new study released by the Intelligent Transportation Society of America (ITS America) found intelligent transportation to be a fast-growing sector valued at approximately $48 billion, slightly larger than the direct... Read more →

Importance of AFV characteristics in ranking decision. “Concerns about GHG emissions” polled the largest “not important at all” results at 9%. Data: Nixon and Saphores. Click to enlarge. A new survey of consumer preferences among four different types of alternative fuel vehicles (AFVs) by Hilary Nixon and Jean-Daniel Saphores of... Read more →

Global hybrid + EV assembly forecast. Source: PwC. Click to enlarge. PwC has released the first edition of the “Charging Forward: Electric Vehicle Survey”, which it developed to provide a check-up on some of the major determining factors for the success of EVs in the near-, mid- and long-term. More... Read more →

Although the average consumer drives no more than 40 miles/60 kilometers (km) per day, 52% of the respondents say that to consider any form of PEV for their next purchase it would need to offer a range of more than 400 km (249 miles). Click to enlarge. The majority of... Read more →

Percentages for overall consideration of alternative powertrains (definitely would / probably would). Data: J.D. Power. Click to enlarge. Growth of alternative powertrain vehicles sales will be limited by consumer concerns about costs as well as functionality, according to the newly-released J.D. Power and Associates 2011 US Green Automotive Study. With... Read more →

Deloitte global survey gauges consumer prospects for EVs in China, Europe and Americas; China leads

Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited’s (DTTL) Global Manufacturing Industry group conducted a global survey to explore consumer adoption of electric vehicles (EVs). The online survey captures the views of more than 12,000 consumers across the Americas, Asia and Europe in 17 countries. It examines, among other things, how likely consumers would... Read more →

Willingness to compromise on different characteristics. Click to enlarge. A survey conducted by Euro-barometer for the European Commission of nearly 26,000 people in all 27 EU member states found that most Europeans are willing to compromise on performance, size, range and price of their car in order to reduce harmful... Read more →

Survey results for favorable impressions of energy and environmental concepts. Source: Pike Research. Click to enlarge. According to a new survey from Pike Research, US consumer support for renewable energy sources, such as solar and wind, is high while support for cap and trade as a carbon management scheme is... Read more →

KPMG survey finds global auto execs ranking fuel efficiency the top consumer priority

Fuel efficiency, safety innovation, and vehicle styling will be the three most important product issues influencing automotive consumer purchase decisions over the next five years, indicating a perceived shift in buying priorities, according to the 12th annual global automotive survey conducted by KPMG LLP. When asked to rate the importance... Read more →

Maritz study finds growing but still low US consumer awareness about alternative fuel technologies; knowledge gap and confusion a sales challenge for OEMs

Results of a survey released by Maritz Research demonstrates that while US consumer awareness about alternative fuel vehicles continues to grow, only about one in five consumers state they are “very familiar” with any alternative-fuel technologies. The research also indicates that consumers have relatively low product knowledge of electric-only and... Read more →

Consumer interest in electric vehicles. Source: Pike Research. Click to enlarge. According to a new survey from Pike Research, the benefits of reducing gasoline expenses and greenhouse gas emissions that come from plug-in electric vehicles (PEV) may not be enough to overcome key objections among some skeptical US consumers—namely, the... Read more →

Consumer Electronics Assn Study Finds 40% of American Adults Likely to Test Drive an EV

Forty percent of consumers report they are likely to test drive an electric vehicle, according to a new study of online American adults from the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA). The study, Electric Vehicles: The Future of Driving, suggests electric vehicles entice consumers with improved environmental quality and potential cost savings,... Read more →

Mean perceptions of energy used or saved as a function of actual energy used or saved for 15 devices and activities. The diagonal dashed line represents perfect accuracy. Inset: Individual regression curves for 30 randomly selected participants. Source: Attari et al. Click to enlarge. A new survey by researchers from... Read more →

Hybrid Owners have the highest interest in PHEVs. Source: EPRI/SCE. Click to enlarge. The Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) and Southern California Edison (SCE) designed and implemented a survey to characterize consumers’ perceptions of plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs) and their expectations of their electric utility as a supplier of... Read more →

Harris AutoTECHCAST Study Finds US Vehicle Owners Currently Would Choose Lower-cost, Higher Fuel Economy Gasoline-Engined Vehicles Over Higher-Priced Alt Fuel Engines or Electric Vehicles

According to Harris Interactive’s 2010 AutoTECHCAST study, conducted between 6-26 April 2010, there is currently greater demand among US vehicle owners for technologies that deliver improved fuel economy of existing gasoline-driven engines at a lower initial cost, rather than for higher-priced alternative-fueled engines. One in five Americans indicate they would... Read more →

Chinese consumers led in their consideration of a plug-in vehicle purchase. Click to enlarge. According to a new survey by Ernst & Young’s Global Automotive Center, roughly 60% of respondents in China said they would consider purchasing a plug-in hybrid or electric vehicle. This percentage is nearly five times that... Read more →

Accenture Study Finds Consumers Will Require More Than Fuel Savings From Hybrid and Electric Vehicles; Cost, Vehicle Dynamics, In-Vehicle Services

According to a new Accenture study of 1,800 consumers in Germany, France, Italy, Canada and the US, while interest in hybrid and electric vehicles may be growing, consumers do not see fuel savings as the only purchasing factor and are demanding more from automakers. Just 36% of respondents cited higher... Read more →

Probabilities at different price points for at lest some chance of purchase. Source: Curtin et al. (2009) Click to enlarge. A newly released University of Michigan study found widespread consumer interest in buying plug-in hybrid electric vehicles; however, the cost of the cars is much more influential than environmental and... Read more →

Expressed interest in PHEV40 purchases. Click to enlarge. According to a new survey from Pike Research, 48% of prospective US consumers would be “extremely” or “very” interested in purchasing a PHEV with a 40-mile range on a single charge (PHEV40), given electricity cost equivalent of $0.75 per gallon, home re-charging,... Read more →

Energy Learning Curve Survey Finds Americans Support Wide Array of Proposed Energy Policies, But Are Not Yet Ready to Make Tradeoffs

At least 10 major energy proposals that would provide incentives for energy efficiency, reduce gasoline usage and support alternative energy have the support of more than two-thirds of Americans, according to a new survey, “The Energy Learning Curve” released by Public Agenda, an opinion research and citizen engagement organization. However,... Read more →